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Example sentences for announced

Scientists today announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor.
Wild giant pandas may be much more common than previously thought, scientists announced this week.
Sometimes a specific topic is announced, and sometimes the discussion is completely open.
Little wonder that three such acquisitions were announced this week.
He also announced that all illegal kiosks had to be removed.
Other makers of the substance have announced similar shortages.
Almost three years ago, the talented singer-songwriter announced that he was taking a break from the music business.
He has announced that he will donate proceeds from the stock options to charity.
At the center of the stage was a rotating platform on which, it was announced, hundreds of smaller items would be displayed.
The judgment was announced in a brief unsigned opinion.
Image stabilization joins a suite of new lenses and cameras announced this week, at both the high and low ends of the price scale.
Last month, two companies announced plans to decode the genomes of individual human beings.
Last week the company announced half a million dollars in early-stage funding.
During his first year on the overnight shift, he took a call from someone who announced he had taken a drug overdose.
He announced he was going to make three serious points.
Look had expressed interest two and a half years earlier, when the book was announced.
The office location and an anticipated opening date will be announced in the coming months.

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