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Now great rows of tinned borscht announce a newer arrival.
There's generally no good way to announce that you're about to take the high road.
Announce that each of these volunteers is a marine fish or animal.
The president is not expected to announce any new proposals in the speech.
But the authorities are reluctant to announce bad news.
And he waits for the captain to announce that ice research can commence.
His agent would announce that he would take on all comers at the local horse track, a dirt oval found in almost every village.
We are happy to announce another way for you to find out content and interact with our writers and readers.
But the rush to announce or publish findings can sometimes cause unforeseen problems when it comes to protecting.
Ministers contradict each other and announce things that come as a surprise to the firms they affect.
Your phone manufacturer should announce this capability soon.
Fireflies who announce their availability with lots of light also risk becoming fast food.
Over eight months later, the company has yet to announce the winners.
Woodpeckers also drum to attract mates and to announce the boundaries of their territories.
The president will announce two programs to ease burdens for some borrowers.
He always planned to announce the return of some of them this summer.
Foxes also signal each other by making scent posts-urinating on trees or rocks to announce their presence.
The list makes clear that there is not one way to announce a discovery or insight.
We'll send the winner, or his attorney, a t-shirt he can wear to announce his prize-winning status to his underworld cohorts.
It will be a real meeting if you use the time to formulate decisions, not announce them.
Theoretically, some of this disadvantage is offset by a rule requiring companies to announce meaningful events.
There is no one group that organizes the parade, no whistle blown to announce its start.
As the article points out, they effectively announce their success in the effects they produce.
Animals announce that they want to play and not fight or mate.
He could soon announce in his magazine that he had almost too many poems to draw from.
Swarms of carrion crows settle on the tops of the trees, and with loud croaks announce the bill of fare of the tempting banquet.
It is said to be customary in certain places to have waitresses announce people.
Next, excited voices in the hall announce members of the family who come from a distance.
But he ought to make up his mind and announce soon, one way or the other.
The prime minister, for his part, seems in no hurry to announce his decision on whether to return to the presidency.
The book is punctuated by odd illustrations which both announce and undercut the veracity of the story.
They have incentives to announce a no-bail-out policy in order to encourage their charges to behave prudently.
The last is of the drippy scion of the once-formidable founding family, who fails even to announce the paper's closure properly.
They could announce it tomorrow morning and have it in full swing by the afternoon.
With a record number of applicants, other colleges are likely to announce similar low acceptance rates in the coming weeks.
Never leak product news until you're ready to announce it.
The drug company has yet to announce a price for the pills, which will need to be taken every other day.
Consumers could announce that their status had improved by upgrading their brands.
So they may believe it is superfluous to announce publicly that they will not a second time be the first to use the atomic bomb.
Even when they announce job openings, they're slow to fill them.
Then he should announce an aggressively honest review of what has not worked in the first five years of the war.
Her response is to announce that she's going to get a tattoo.
Before you call your financial adviser to announce that you're replacing him with lunar calendar, let's gut check.
They want to crawl up to it unobserved, and wave the flag only when there is a victory to announce.
Architects don't usually hold elaborate press conferences to announce their new designs.
We'll announce the winning team after the votes have been counted.
He is not ready to discuss his new projects, or his living and security arrangements, but he will announce them shortly.
He appeared briefly at a press conference with his father to announce the succession arrangements.
He meant that they really do discover, shape, and announce the moral law.
Karadzic used the loss of the towns as the excuse to announce his unexpected changes in the high command.
Those in charge then announce that there are no resources left to secure our economic future.
Fake scientists announce their speculations as fact, and then get angry when they're called on it.
It's a hoax, and the biggest act of arrogance one can announce.
You've supported none of it with evidence, and simply announce that it is so.
Let them announce that henceforth they will print a news item only if doing so will expose them to no risks whatsoever.
Announce a general policy and then use your judgment.
As he would announce at a press conference that day, it had been seven years since she interviewed him as the bank's new chief.
He makes no further inquiries and does not call ahead to announce my visit.
There, she'd invariably announce, was where she wanted to wind up.
He planned to announce it at the next shareholders' meeting.
They cheerfully announce that they've inherited money and do nothing but sail, play tennis, and party.
Federal officials announce renewed proposal to remove wolves from endangered species list.

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