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Example sentences for annotate

While she talked, Life's camera recorded a series of her expressions which annotate the headaches and humors of show business.
They would examine and annotate shared databases, and perform experiments.
Consumers can cut and paste, annotate and bookmark their texts.
You can scribble and annotate, fold it or tear strips off and rearrange them.
With some ereaders, it's possible to annotate and higlight text, then transfer those annotations and highlights to a computer.
Students can annotate them, and professors can add to and control the content.
The charming host works the room, stopping at each table to annotate the menu, make suggestions and admire the food.
The smart students print them in advance and annotate them in lecture.
While writing my dissertation, I began to use footnotes extensively to annotate and elaborate on my text.
But in principle users could collaboratively annotate the entire physical world-and even other people.
So you have no chance of being able to annotate anything you read, as you might if you were a student.
Many people manually annotate their pictures after they've uploaded them to a computer.
To ensure that workers annotate images in a standard way, software guides them as they work.
Annotate the claimant's objection on the route form.
Annotate the route slip with the location of the folder, the date of transmittal, and the type of last action.
These two macros are used to annotate slopes of lines.
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