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Complete and utter annihilation by nuclear disaster and/or an asteroid collision with all of us on one planet was almost certain.
Suicide, self-destruction, auto-annihilation: these are not pretty words.
The gradual annihilation of distance will put human beings in closer contact and harmonize their views and aspirations.
Various plans are now being suggested for his painless annihilation or his undignified exit from the premises.
On the other hand, it is a kiss capable of betrayal or deception and of bringing the speaker to an ecstatic brink of annihilation.
Which makes me think this rendition of the play is a robot-tale of the annihilation of humankind.
Indeed, the annihilation of dark matter replaces conventional nuclear burning in stars as the dominant energy mechanism.
As long as opportunities and excuses for nuclear aggression persist, the world will never be safe from annihilation.
It's an unholy mix of encryption, anonymity, and digital cash to bring about the ultimate annihilation of all forms of government.
Citizens self-report for annihilation based on what a war simulation tells them to do.
Some of old folks may remember the cold war, with constantly looming threat of nuclear annihilation.
The annihilation psychosis has not disappeared but taken new form.
It takes a savage delight in annihilation, even if there is no point to it.
In a world already terrified by the prospect of nuclear annihilation, the idea of being poisoned by fallout was real enough.
Annihilation is, of course, an ambiguous figure of speech.
They faked auto-annihilation and worked underground on weaponry based on false vacuum.
They know that they are living under the ever-present threat of annihilation.
The weapons that create the threat of annihilation cannot be uninvented.
It became recognized that war should redress wrongs without going to the extent of annihilation.
Most of the countries with nuclear capability recognize that to even hint at usage is to court annihilation.
As such the annihilation of matter and antimatter may be more at that corner.
Also, the theory that only a slight excess of normal matter escaped annihilation with antimatter.
There's far more justification for applications that preclude personal liberties than any need for individual annihilation.
Ether is produced by annihilation of matter and antimatter at the common spherical boundary of these twin universes.
If the players were irrational, it wouldn't work bec they would not be deterred by certain annihilation.
The antihydrogen was then free to wander towards the walls, and thus annihilation.
Could be an alien invasion, a pandemic or nuclear annihilation.
For more than four decades the cold war had threatened the world with nuclear annihilation.
Totalitarian power was the unrestricted capacity to organize and push people and things down the path of complete annihilation.
Nobody is claiming a smoking-gun detection of dark matter annihilation as of yet.
The reaction is the reverse of the usual matter- antimatter annihilation: the blaze of energy becomes matter.
Thus proving once again one of the eternal axioms of action movies: total global annihilation makes for strange bedfellows.
The positron emitted by the nucleus travels a few millimeters where it interacts with an electron, called mutual annihilation.
Annihilation gamma rays from the implanted positrons are then detected by a barium fluoride detector.
Tracer in the plant is detected via its decay products-either the positrons or subsequent annihilation photons.

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