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Example sentences for animosity

Ranchers' historic animosity toward a predator like the jaguar doesn't dissipate easily.
Some of the mutual animosity has thawed over the years.
He refuses to be bitter, holds no animosity and is just as upbeat as he's always been.
And when anyone reaches success quickly, as I have, there's a lot of animosity and a lot of jealousy and a lot of questions.
The relationship between the former collaborators has deteriorated into barely veiled animosity.
We control our animosity through music.
Though I bear no animosity toward her, that bridge was burned.
The rightful focus for students' animosity is the professor, not other students.
In the past, I felt some animosity, like they wanted to kill me.
Certainly it would eliminate some animosity between the countries- however slight.
Financial factors may have played a part in the fierce animosity exhibited toward cold fusion experiments.
In addition, whether successful alone or not, he will suffer animosity from the others for lessening their prospects.
They forget that coexistence rarely meant respect or equality, but also rarely meant violence and animosity.
She felt no animosity and did not want him to go to prison.
The inception of their story is based more on animosity, manipulation and selfishness.
The two main parties have adopted their leaders' limitless mutual animosity.
The reasons for the animosity are not immediately obvious.
Mutual suspicion and animosity go back much further.
The mutual animosity between the prime minister and the opposition leader is legendary.
Most have had enough of the politics of personal animosity.
Alas, the obverse of this is an almost automatic animosity towards all outsiders.
But the animosity between the private and public partners is discouraging.
And their wealth isn't what sets them apart or creates so much animosity toward them.
My dad who was my uncle was extremely upset, and that caused a lot of animosity in the family for about a year or so.
The defendants, they said, harbored no animosity toward gays.
The mutual animosity between these two countries has been strong.
These practices result in an increase in litigation, much higher costs, and lingering animosity on both sides.
Corporate efforts to increase sensitivity through inhouse programs have often aroused animosity rather than defusing it.
In general, there is a lot of animosity on their side of the fence.
We will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosity or friendship to influence our decisions.
However, the conference yielded few results and ended in chaos and personal animosity.
The standard of proof for malice does not require spite, ill will, or personal animosity.
The current process encourages animosity and adversity.

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