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Conservation of angular momentum with a bullet hitting a merry go round.
Conservation of angular momentum explains why an ice skater spins more rapidly as she pulls her arms in.
Plants vary greatly in habit: some are low and spreading, others compact and bushy, still others upright and angular.
Since the angular momentum is constant, this means your angular velocity will increase.
Dainty pointed shoes with angular heels make the clothes cute and desirable.
Pictured is a reticulated giraffe, which has large, angular spots contrasting against bright white lines.
Besides throwing a curve into the usually angular vegetable garden, it saves space and is less likely to topple in wind.
To make these pictures useful for physics, it helps to know the angular size of the picture.
She had a sharp, angular face, a hooked nose and she had a strong chin.
Sit inside at angular stainless steel tables, or outside on a shady terrace.
Choose ones that are angular enough to be stackable but rounded enough that they won't poke holes in your liner.
The meter stick is also constant in it's angular motion.
Both feature angular figures, made of straight lines and zigzags.
Much credit must be given his devotion to line, angular and sinuous.
The angular velocity of stars is remarkably constant across the galactic radius.
It's not only lighter, thanks to the lack of a battery pack, it's also slimmer and slightly more angular.
If this weren't true then conservation of angular momentum and causality itself wouldn't exist.
For the murderer, he chooses an angular face and an athletically built body.
The diminishment of this universal angular momentum in the current universe may simply allow the production of antimatter.
The mistake is that the astronomers by autistic mathematics have mixed up orbital speed and angular velocity.
And while your up throw a few degrees on the angular momentum.
Our capacity to interpret aphorisms comes from the angular gyrus.
The top button is slightly more angular and feels grippier.
It is fixed by the requirement for zero orbital angular momentum in the first hydrogen orbit.
It's boxy and angular, which doesn't match the style of the rest of the drawing.
Its background is painted in olive tones, with angular lines cutting through it.
Seating is limited to stools at a low, angular white counter, which winds throughout the small space.
The characteristic art of this period includes vases decorated with repeated angular patterns.
The shape of the building blends into the landscape, visually distinguishing it from its angular neighbors.
The arrow pointing up on the axis of rotation of the merry-go-round is the angular velocity vector for the platform.
She hovered through the rooms of the house with angular, truncated motions.
The movement of the water will reflect the angular movements of the plane.
Car turning to right more about vectors, scalars, change in angular momentum.
Bouncing around gives the proton a net angular momentum.
The material must lose its angular momentum, a process that needs some time and is not done in a few moments.
When a good comet comes along, this is perhaps the best tool that you could use, because of it's large angular size.
Conservation of angular momentum creates a fluid diode with no internal obstructions.
The result: angular bubbles that can help teach anyone about geometry and math.
Bigger mirrors also boost a telescope's angular resolution, or its ability to measure the separation between two close objects.
At that time, a problem arose because it seemed that both energy and angular momentum were not conserved in beta-decay.
Spiral arms remove angular momentum from the center of the galaxy, allowing it to achieve a state of higher binding energy.
And the direction of the current indicated that the laser had imparted angular, but not linear, momentum to the electrons.
But when a contact binary merges, the angular momentum of the orbiting stars spins up the single merged star.
Scientists believe they have found a less celestial source: the right angular gyrus of the brain.

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