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Example sentences for anguished

Peck often played morally anguished heroes who displayed grace under fire.
Brokers reported anguished calls from retail clients begging for a piece of the action.
All sorts of sober sociological theories could be advanced to explain the anguished turmoil of adolescence.
But the tone is of fatalistic humour, not anguished exasperation.
What happened next has disappeared into an anguished blur of guilt and confusion.
Even that would foreshadow a further anguished transfer of populations.
So far he seems to be emerging from the typically anguished national debate with his stature perhaps even enhanced.
The dancers kept striking anguished poses, for no discernible reason.
The environment was so hostile that some anguished mothers ended their children's lives.
Time has not paled his incisive, brooding and anguished quasi-biography.
For much of the night, the mood is solemn, even anguished.
Behind him was a courtroom packed with anguished parents who used to have children of their own.
He did give up on it when confronted with data from the microwave background, but it was an anguished abandonment.
It anguished him and caused troubles in his marriage.
Observers describe fervent, and occasionally anguished, self-examination on the part of those who fail to weep.
The company's repertory brimmed with larger-than-life, heroic characters, both earthily anguished and celestially exalted.
He will find the long anguished step toward its mastery.
Anguished, grieving wives and children waited to hear whether their husbands and fathers had been found.
The stories of the refugees will stay with me, as will the faces of the starving children and their anguished parents.
Only the sound of distant aircraft and the anguished cry of a loved one cut through the silence.
But interviews with nurses, some of them visibly anguished, uncovered dozens of similar cases that never reached public attention.
The symbolic plots reveal hidden actions of the anguished spirit.
There was chaos and terror, survivors to be rescued, and anguished families rushing to find relatives.

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