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Example sentences for anguish

The film shows that freedom is fraught with anguish and pain.
Add to that pain the anguish of dozens of relatives and friends.
So great was the extremity of his pain and anguish, that he did not only sigh but roar.
It relieved the pressure, easing pain and anguish-as a monarch is supposed to do.
The singer/songwriter suffered similar anguish during the wrenching process of writing his autobiography.
And the anguish of the singer marks the sweetness of the strain.
Assessing patients' vulnerability to anguish may be essential to accurately judging the severity of their condition.
Specifically, the Court said that no recovery could be made under the wrongful death statute for mental anguish.
Such howls of anguish have had their effect on both sides of the Atlantic.
Grading can involve so much mental anguish.
Cubicle farms are breeding grounds for mental anguish and physical apathy.
Wherever the human spirit is oppressed by tyranny and injustice, men resurrect Prometheus as the symbol of their anguish.
Then he let out a scream of anguish that resounded across the desert.
However, these parents were in anguish at the loss of a golden educational opportunity.
My policies cause much anguish and despair among some students, much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.
The right prefers the tones of anguish and resentment.
It's not fair to blame people's genuine anguish over this on some kind of personal failing.
There is more fear than intellectual ferment, more anguish than attempts to rethink our practices and values.
It kept me sane through times of great mental anguish, and continues to be a blessing in my life.
No one could wish to see even a pale imitation of such anguish again.
In your novel, anguish and resignation are almost in balance.
Even if writers were to cultivate a little moral anguish, they probably could not do a lot with it.
Her anguish comes from the impossibility of the struggle.
The lover often feels the anguish of needing to make a choice.
The earthquake has made that anguish many times worse.
No false comfort released her from dismay at present anguish.
He has vividly captured a moment of national anguish.
And yet it is that selfsame false reputation that daily causes him the keenest anguish of all.
The more miserable the life of the diva, the better able the performer was to channel his own anguish and drama into the show.
He suffers from depression and waits in anguish to find out what will happen to him.
It's a dazzling display of then-as-now and gives us a bitter taste of how the future only intensifies anguish.
We joined the group with enthusiasm and shared their weekly anguish when the staff had the day off.
Field works with such fluid grace and perception that the movie goes right to the top of the suburban-anguish genre.
The theme of a publicly misjudged character's private anguish has grown, in comics history, to dominate the form.
But it expressed a real and legitimate anguish, and it happens to be a great poem.
Beneath the pop-culture references and the determinedly flat language is a wellspring of anguish.
He sat rocking steadily, back and forth, in anguish.
Yet listening to the anguish of people struggling with bipolar illness, this last possibility seems remote.
In these two unfortunate but clearly distinguishable scenarios, destroying the stocks leads to far more anguish than keeping them.
Not to mention the anguish parents went through with their children hospitalized with whooping cough, gasping for every breath.
The thought of their unimaginable anguish tore me up.
Now a related source of anguish has surfaced in the polls: the euro crisis.
As soon as he started his speech, his inner anguish started flowing.
Predictably, his innovative suggestion has provoked howls of anguish from the unions.
The country's rulers, he said, were more concerned with their politics than with the anguish of the ordinary people.
It's true that the soaring prices of oil and other raw materials have led to public anguish over the rising cost of living.
When this had vanished, she tried in her anguish to speak, but could not.
But there shall be no gloom to her that was in anguish.
But months of anguish have taken their toll, and now there is mainly resignation.
His studied lightness and occasional flippancy do not conceal a dedicated concern, a personal anguish.
The long traditional anguish of their spokesmen stems from the fact that they have to share their power with others.
But she does not give him a course to follow, and she certainly does not spare him the anguish he has been going through.
Theirs is a history of anguish which still seems to dwell dimly if at all in the public consciousness.
His joy at seeing her, then anguish as she witnesses his humiliation, is intense.
The mental anguish in either type of case is as real and as quantifiable as in the other.
We have all witnessed the heartbreak and anguish the disease leaves in its wake.
Here the painter focuses not so much on the physical anguish of the saint as on his mystical experience.

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