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He's just a man on a mission, with no angst, dark impulses or other trendy problems.
The plot is thin, but the story's quick pace and believable portrayal of third grade angst will appeal to the chapter book set.
Why they're worth watching: Bombastic, slicked-up guitar rock with teen-angst overtones is bound to appeal to the tween set.
Seriously, your crush is not worth the existential angst.
Johnson says she hopes her athletic training offsets any dance angst.
It's not worth the time or potetional angst.
The tragic climax, when it comes at last, is lost amid the general angst suffered continuously by all.
In this era of college-admissions angst, seemingly everyone has an opinion about the process.
It's both an exciting and angst-producing time to be a high-energy particle physicist.
During my teenage angst years, I argued that friendships were more reliable than family because friendships are voluntary.
Such individuals can now broadcast their angst to thousands.
It seems, for now, that this publicity stunt initiated out of angst and frustration is wholeheartedly succeeding.
As if everyday poisons aren't enough to angst over, there are nature's more exotic hazards.
It's not simply consumer angst and political pressure, however, that have forced adware companies to make an about-face.
The situation brings enormous angst and regret to families.
Statements are made that the general public doesn't ever think to question, but is given angst by.
Here, life versus art isn't so much the subject of angst as of farce.
Or, when they do, it generates enormous agony and angst inside the chain of command.
However, the researchers aren't sure exactly how the angst was transmitted from teachers to students.
Because of the familial expectations he clearly had to live a lie in public, so he took out his angst in private.
Another self-hating, western angst, light-and-sound show with lots of destruction.
Too busy to nurture his inner angst and cultivate his insanity.
And if this dude is psychotic or deluded, he should be charged and tried for the angst he has caused.
But all my initial angst about viewing this many-faceted tragedy came back when seeing that trailer.
Buffy was about a superhero plus vampires plus romantic angst-and, again, jackpot.
My dog, who ends up eating ribs on a regular basis with no evident angst, may be my professional dilemma's happiest beneficiary.
All the angst is glossed over in her laugh and maniacal thoughtfulness.
Sports are a refuge from real-world problems-and a place to release all the angst they cause.
It was the best way you could possibly use them, and it took a lot of the angst out of taking the pictures.
The latter, despite their angst and addictions, are implicitly free.
The general tenor of the office was whispery, with darting eyes-a sense of angst and surprise settled over the cubes.
Forget what you've heard about them as a bunch of insecure, angst-ridden underachievers.
There's a long legacy of faculty angst from years of being under the thumb.
Unfortunately, it's the handful of slackers who cause instructors so much angst, both on the fora and in real life.
Beware the fine line between angst and depression, and see a counselor if that is really what you need.
It was voluntarily being used by both cats and dogs, and there was much angst on their parts when it was dismantled.
Still, tenure denials do damage careers and breed angst, and disappointed candidates often file grievances and lawsuits.
It's about the angst of being a baton twirler at a school where that's not appreciated.
The theme is relationships, beginning in angst and ending in reconciliation.
New science is revealing more about the upside of angst.

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Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy and girl angst over which family they visit at Thanksgiving and which... more
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