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Voters here aren't angry; they are simply glum.
It is loud, angry, punk and metal music that delivers.
Even when he is not angry, his baritone voice has a declamatory tone.
She shouts louder than a giantess when she's angry.
His advisors got angry, declared him insane, and locked him up.
The book sticks to traditional interpretations—an angry child sees red and a jealous one feels green.
It's making me angry right now just thinking about it.
He appears very much as one might expect—angry and determined.
She's just had an angry phone call from one of the people she portrays in the book, and she is visibly disturbed.
All of us, when we're angry or disappointed, want a chance to be heard.
He got more and more angry and he yelled at the judge, and they finally bound and gagged him in the courtroom.
When an angry or frightened dog barks at you, these are the muscles that raise its bristling hair.
By this time he was quite sober, and really did not seem angry, looking at me quizzically.
He seemed to be getting more angry, and evidently meant mischief.
For example, if a panther chameleon gets angry, red and yellow replace its normal color.
The resulting torrent of angry phone calls and e-mails made me dread going to work all month.
Relax, he told angry students at the time, an anonymous free-for-all will be self-policing.
If you do complain, make sure your letter is professional and not angry in tone.
The students at the barricades are right to be angry.
She describes her late father as a disciplinarian who was constantly angry.
Politicians on occasion made ill-advised and angry comments.
As a plus, you get a distinct understanding of why all those models are so angry.
Stress can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.
Then almost getting angry with me for having such an instrument in my possession.
If you are able to read and understand what you read, you will understand the problem and not be so angry.
If you keep both eyes open, all you see are the ever changing series of colored patches but no angry face.
Simply: people get angry when they have to pay for a product when they think that the cost is not fair.
He became angry with me because he couldn't answer the questions.
It seems to me that you are angry that people are not producing science that is up to your usual standard of truth.
The flowery adjectives, snide references and angry tone make much of this discussion not helpful.
Do you know how frustrated and angry it makes us that you all are buying the lies and letting this happen to more kids.
Witty and cool, it is immune to nostalgia, and in the end rather angry.
Most of the time its angry neighbours have been conveniently weak and divided.
Their reluctance to embrace the spirit of the revolution has perpetuated a mood of angry disputation.
But drug companies often help to pay the patient's share, which stops the public from getting angry about soaring costs.
And then angry ones, who yell at the camera guys and then start pushing them.
Immediately after the disaster, the shipowner and sailor were forced into a tight corner by an angry and unreasonable public.
But the more that acceptance wins-and it is winning-the more angry obstructionism we'll see from people who still can't accept it.
Which was how they dealt with it-the leaving-by giving each other reasons to cry and reasons to be angry.
Think of tropical birds, perhaps, and angry monkeys.
And his staff was said to be angry that his illness was being blamed.
The debate will become angry and murky and mind-numbingly complicated, and the temptation will be to put off reform yet again.
Searching for a place and a purpose for his life, he becomes increasingly frustrated and angry.
It's not about heroes and villains, or dramatic meetings and angry confrontations.
They may come into their own if the unacceptable costs of angry hostility toward outsiders become unmistakably obvious.
Staring at an angry face for five seconds feels longer than staring at a neutral one.
The scientists were driven away by angry residents, and the project was canceled.
Whenever he gets angry at us for not sacrificing to him, he jabs his trident into the ground and twists it, causing quakes.
He even got angry with me for trying to put him right.
These people think that making someone else angry must mean you are right and he is wrong.
Fake scientists announce their speculations as fact, and then get angry when they're called on it.
Needless to say, you would be annoyed, maybe angry and probably sorry for ever mentioning what you had seen in the first place.
He has provoked more interest-both good and angry-in food and restaurants than anyone ever.
He felt angry with himself for going along with the way the system worked.
Every day more angry investors thronged to one of several blogs dedicated to the scandal to pour out their rage and hatred.
He went to college lost, angry and looking for direction.
They are then asked to come up with more positive thoughts to replace their negative, angry thoughts.
And sometimes they're quite angry about it, which is funny.

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