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Example sentences for angrily

They didn't socialize with anyone, as the whole town used to point out angrily.
Frances angrily asked him if it was her down in the engine room, what choice would he make.
If you make a mistake at any point, the phone trembles angrily.
Science isn't about faith, or blindly and angrily defending the ridiculous mythologies of ignorant people long dead.
We rolled small boulders down the incline of ferns until they cracked angrily against something at the base of the ravine.
The other two took a curious glance at their quarry and then withdrew, closing the door angrily behind them.
It can be said angrily, but it can also be said with irony.
When he got outside, his father angrily whisked him into the family minivan.
They offered to take me to a private room, but declined and at that point angrily said they could humiliate me right there.
But after angrily denouncing the verdict government supporters filed off too.
And the princess, his lordship said angrily, was nursing a broken heart.
Accountants tend to react angrily to both these ideas.
He angrily rejected any other form of attention until his regular groom returned.
Caution should be used before asking a friend or relative to serve the papers if the other party might react angrily or violently.
She snaps angrily at you, saying that she can get it herself without your help.
She also notices that the patient complains angrily that the employer disliked him.
Angrily, she tossed it into the garbage when she got home that day from school.
People with this disorder respond angrily to the perception that others are out to do them wrong.

Famous quotes containing the word angrily

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