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Angling the sink and simplifying wall treatments allowed the cramped and busy room to breathe easier.
Don't look for a sign, or for that matter a lobby or a bellhop angling for a tip.
The explanation: leaves from the tropics have evolved mechanisms for keeping cool, say by angling themselves away from the sun.
For one thing, more students than in previous years are angling for larger financial-aid packages.
She turned something as quotidian as office politics and career angling into a grand romance, complete with suffering.
Freddie doesn't get the on-camera job he's angling for.
Ordinarily, companies angling for the contract would have had the chance to submit competing proposals.
Baker steps down into the crowd, now a sea of limbs holding digital cameras and angling for a keepsake shot.
The headlights showed the neat rows of cornstalk stubble angling off from the wagon track.
There also remains the open question of what jostles comets loose from the belt and sends them angling in toward the sun.
Second, the blue spiral angling down to the right is clearly due to perspective.
Solar farms are impressive to look at, with row upon row of shiny rectangles angling toward the sun.
The last stretch, which involves angling down a narrow footpath along the cliff, would normally have turned her right around.
They tripped across a coral seafloor, angling their bodies to lower their profile against the current.
As piscatorial science makes progress the more choice and expensive become the rod, the reel, and the angling outfit.
Angling delivers the wily spiritual satisfactions that come with giving yourself to something that offers only intangible payback.
The program then maneuvers the vehicle accordingly, angling it so it bounces toward the thrower.
Anticipate the backward jump by angling the swatter to arc over and then behind the fly.
Let's take a quick look at the top technologies and ideas angling to take control from the mouse.
In a short time it has become a popular adviser to tech firms angling for the best offer.
Many, barred from re-election, were angling for higher state office.
There is also angling tourism: rich foreigners pay handsomely for the chance to reel in a tiger fish.
Big software firms are angling for a piece of the bigger pie.
Some companies with bad reputations have been angling for influence.
More likely, she is angling for the vice-presidency.
By angling their bodies near to the vertical, the lift-generating vortices are thrust straight down beneath them.
Teams are now angling to take some of the secondary-market premiums for themselves.
The whole time they are angling for government grants.
While no motor boats are allowed on the preserve, you can reach many of the angling spots via canoe or kayak.
Ice fishing is a whole different sport than your everyday angling.
To preserve angling opportunities, both fleets practice catch-and-release methods when it comes to billfish species.
Guides offer privately chartered inshore excursions, as well as offshore angling.
Business travelers are constantly angling to clear airport checkpoints quicker.
Unlike many other places, fly fishing is not the norm for trout angling in the area.
Large trout make a combination of tubing and angling fun for fishing enthusiasts.
The park includes two lakes and several streams for angling and boating.
But even the residents of such an angling paradise feel the urge to explore new recreational fisheries occasionally.
Our politicians are angling to make election gains by playing on people's frustration with politics.
Worthy causes abound, but so do bounders angling to take advantage of our better natures.
Rather than angling to make a romantic conquest, it's time to be humble.
Some tax pros have been angling for ways to reset the meter without moving.
New equipment takes some of the guesswork out of angling.
The commissioner shall make available a conservation angling license according to this section.

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