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Some species, such as the angler fish, produce light to attract prey.
What ensues next is a judo match of sorts as the angler wrestles the fish to the surface.
In the deep sea there are things such as angler fish that have luminescent lures to attract food.
Within the park's boundary, the angler will have the chance to catch and release these species.
Angler overcomes barriers to reel in fans, admirers.
If you're keeping the day's catch, leave the cleaning to an experienced angler.
The river runs across the property of the lodge, and the proprietor is a knowledgeable angler.
Every angler has his or her preference or specialty in terms of the best species to fish or eat.
During the off-season those fish are still available for the angler, but they are found farther off the coast in deeper water.
Send me the name if the angler, if you want the name posted.

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