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Example sentences for angled

If they are not properly angled towards the more howling of these gales, they can be damaged or destroyed.
People's faces are not flat but beautifully angled with the nose coming out and cheeks rising up.
Its skin absorbs radar rather than reflecting it, and the plane is an array of flat angled surfaces.
We may never know, he may have had something in his pocket and it appeared to be his knee by the way his leg was angled.
Smooth curves and angled edges used to redirect radar waves have become the telltale features of stealth design ever since.
They are arranged in a rectangle with severe, angled corners.
She then angled off a deft forehand volley, angled with touch and sidespin to move to break point.
Its main facade is slightly angled to make room for a small public plaza.
Everything feels polished, thought out, angled for the best view.
Two delicate character lines on the flank highlight an angled rear roof profile.
All four headrests are softly padded and angled forward, where they belong to prevent whiplash.
If you see angled, single leaves on your tree, you have a tree from the spruce family.

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