angle iron in a sentence

Example sentences for angle iron

Bolts can be used on metal fence posts or pre-drilled angle iron.
Fill the cells on each side of the opening to cement the angle iron in place.
Angle iron turbulence bar increases turbulence in the flow.
Angle iron ribs were installed across the chute floor to retain the bedding on the slope.
They screwed the jacks to get the angle iron to the correct grade and then set the panels on top of the angle iron.
The bolts attaching the angle iron to the concrete later were found to be corroded.
The upright posts and support feet can be perforated square steel tubing or angle iron.
All existing angle iron in the channel shall be removed.
One of the workers was working on the underside of the deck with a cutting torch to remove the temporary angle iron supports.
What is not preferred is to have angle iron welded to rail post and bolted back in to brick ledge.
The inside of the drum is equipped with an angle iron which runs longitudinally.
The modifications include the attachment of angle iron at the top of the drum.
Also, note the blades mounted on the roller as well as the angle iron mounted between the blades.
The tectum decking will require angle iron attached to the bar joist at the penetrations.
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