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Example sentences for anesthetized

The monkeys are anesthetized during these surgeries.
They anesthetized her to remove a piece of her scalp and skull and fold back a protective membrane underneath.
Brain activity was also measured as the anesthetized cats observed several random sequences of visual stimuli.
They made little cuts on the side of the knee with the patient, of course, partially anesthetized.
He placed the cuff on the sciatic nerves of anesthetized mice and triggered millisecond pulses of light.
To confirm this they anesthetized his skin in specific areas, and administered adrenaline again.
To arrive at the findings, four leopard geckos first were anesthetized so four small electrodes could be inserted in their tails.
He went back to the lab immediately afterward and made plans to study images of anesthetized people's brains.
Then the chimp was anesthetized and its forehead marked with paint.
He then anesthetized six mice and injected the pulverized bacteria directly into their windpipes.
But the probe is still in the experimental stage, and to test it, the subject must be anesthetized.
First the animal is anesthetized, and a small hole is opened in its skull.
Eleven years ago he anesthetized himself and cut out his own appendix.

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