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Now the fire is but smoke and ember, the neon anemic, the dragon feeble and more of shadow than of substance.
Rather, it is anemic people themselves who commonly experience chronic fatigue.
The storm in the northern cell began looking anemic as the new line of storms cut off its supply of warm, moist air.
Manual labor transmission with underpowered anemic single engine does not cut it today.
Plus, the anemic content coupled with a muddled interface make for a music download service only the painfully ignorant would use.
Good news and bad news for the maker of a drug for people who are anemic and on dialysis.
Not to mention anemic wage and job growth coming out of the recession.
Fluorescent bulbs vibrate, adding a medically forensic, anemic brightness.
His response to the paper was anemic and so far no one has published his paper.
It's sad to see the anemic state of organized labor in this country today.
Anemic patients have low levels of oxygen in their blood, causing fatigue.
With anemic household income and tougher credit conditions, consumption will lag and so will the general economy.
The anemic growth in the private sector is evidence that uncertainty is hindering, but not absolutely crushing, hiring.
State and local taxes can play an important role in whether a business has an anemic profit margin or a hefty one.
Investors are spooked by the prospect of even modest federal budget cuts in an anemic recovery.
If they coincide with slumps in construction they will be short and anemic.
The reporting was uncommonly anemic throughout the article, but to the last two lines are inexcusable.
She is severely anemic and will probably be dependent upon transfusions for the rest of her life.
Elsewhere, his sound was slightly anemic and his intonation was not always reliable.
Penalties, turnovers and an anemic offense were their undoing before their little spurt at the end.
There are two anemic towers, one roofed with copper, the other crowned with castiron ferns.
Endurance athletes smash their red blood cells and sometimes become anemic.
For example, if you don't have enough iron, you can become anemic.
Syncing stinks, battery life is anemic, and audio is as mellifluous as a blender filled with tenpenny nails.
Some economic growth can probably be achieved with government stimulus, but it will likely be rather anemic.
Beyond this anemic sample, there's also the matter of inherent bias.
Its chief target appears to be the still anemic housing market.
But since the recovery remains so anemic, the monetary policy committee decided to take action.
As with any problem, to fix anemic job growth you have to first identify its cause.
The fat is a deep gold rather than an anemic yellow.
Celebrating seemingly anemic job growth might feel strange.
If prices declined, then this could imply that demand growth wasn't so anemic during the month after all.
Other plans to contain the pandemic seem anemic by comparison.
But if sentiment drops and remains low, then even that anemic job growth will disappear.
The relatively small increase in overall giving makes sense in the context of the anemic recovery.
The already anemic demand for home buying appears to have weakened even further.
As the economy slows, the already anemic home buying demand appears to be weakening even further.
The contraction in business investment was due almost entirely to anemic inventory growth.
Moreover, the economic recovery has been extremely anemic by postwar standards.
So if we're in a recovery, it's an extremely anemic one.
Despite the relatively anemic growth overall, some teams have done extraordinarily well drawing fans.
But other things are happening in the world aside from an anemic recovery.
He becomes acutely anemic and loses consciousness, due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.
The music industry may still be suffering at retailers, but online word-of-mouth about music is anything but anemic.
Panthers' defense won't point fingers toward anemic offense.
He was diagnosed with renal failure, and he was dehydrated, anemic and in need of a blood transfusion.
Some people who are anemic also report feeling cold.
Frequently they become anemic, because their intestine can't absorb much iron.

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