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In conclusion, inadequate food practices appear to be directly involved in the etiology of iron deficiency anemia during infancy.
Over a period of months or years they produce severe iron-deficiency anemia and protein malnutrition.
Nevertheless, even mild anemia can reduce oxygen transport in the blood, causing fatigue and a diminished physical capacity.
Or it could signify anemia, which involves the loss of red blood cells.
If the body fails to produce enough of any one type of globin, a deficiency of hemoglobin can result, causing anemia.
It is known for its treatment and prevention of anemia, plus its amazing ability to stimulate growth in undersized children.
Red cells are needed to control the anemia often accompanying leukemia.
Sickle cell anemia is one of a family of inherited blood disorders .
Their copper enzymes get depleted, which leads to anemia and fatigue.
Riboflavin deficiency causes a sore mouth and throat, a skin rash, and anemia.
The female western lowland gorilla had severe jaundice and anemia.
As it turns out, I developed iron deficiency anemia on account of the bleeding.
Sometimes this can be caused by a worsening of anemia, specifically iron deficiency.
The reason for my infusions is iron deficient anemia with no known cause as of yet.
In this particular case, a protein needed by anemia patients was produced in hamster ovary cells.
Repeated bouts of illness take their toll in anemia and debilitation.
Helminth worm infections can give the mothers symptoms such as mild anemia or stomach pain and vomiting.
Severe infections can also cause anemia and stunt the growth of children.
They routinely suffer from anemia which exhausts them.
Symptoms include anemia, fatigue, and enlarged liver and spleen.
Long-term exposure has been linked to anemia, tremors and damage to the neurological system.
The ruling could delay approval of erythropoietin, which is used to treat anemia, by several months.
Symptoms and complications of anemia are treated as they arise.
Dietary changes and supplements are used to treat anemia and nutritional deficiencies.
Laboratory tests will show signs of hemolytic anemia and acute renal failure.
She went to a doctor three months ago and was treated for anemia or low iron.
Anemia has sapped the strength she needs to sell her raw-meat music.
Ribavirin's side effects, which include anemia, become dangerous at prolonged high dosages.

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