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Example sentences for anecdote

She recounts anecdote after anecdote illustrating how she beat the odds.
But the historian learns to question the value of all anecdotes.
All that I can share is a personal anecdote.
His prose is unsophisticated, but his anecdote-filled story is engaging.
He speaks the powerful language of anecdote and first-hand observation.
Share a favorite memory or anecdote about your hometown in our new special section.
Nevertheless, your unfortunate anecdote has relatively little to say about the wider debate here.
Instructions are succinct and blissfully free of anecdote.
Other times, anecdote gives rise to philosophical query.
They err by drawing conclusions from a non-random sample of a few counties, a statistically cloaked anecdote.
He was the brother of the dramatist, and this reminds me of an anecdote which it may be worth while here to notice.
Anecdote does not drive climate discussion unless there are abnormally warm temperatures.
Another anecdote shows that poor knowledge of another language can also have its merits.
There are times when personal anecdote is helpful, informative, enlightening.
And the great scientist himself may have embellished the anecdote.
So the anecdote here is a math teacher who also coached.
As with all of medicine, a personal anecdote does not mean that something definitely prevents or treat something else.
She gave a little anecdote about her thoughts about throwing away a yogurt cup.
Clear anecdote got you laughed out of the art-history books.
Yet it is a small anecdote among many of large areas becoming nothing more than self-perpetuation enclaves of welfare.
If trainer does not have their own anecdote to share they can read this example.
Boudin's beach scenes, though crowded, lack obvious narrative or anecdote.

Famous quotes containing the word anecdote

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