anecdotally in a sentence

Example sentences for anecdotally

Anecdotally, restoring your data from some of these services can be a huge pain, if you can even get it back.
Dogs, cats, and horses have been reported anecdotally to suffer from this disease.
Anecdotally, my friend's retired racing greyhound could always find his favorite ball fairly quickly even when he couldn't see it.
Anecdotally, everyone in reality considers race a useful way of characterizing people.
Anecdotally, this seems to be getting worse, probably from toxins and poor nutrition.
Many suspected it was melting faster, but at best could only support such claims anecdotally.
Entirely anecdotally, customer experience seems to be declining.
Music's ability to trigger powerful emotions is well known anecdotally, of course.
It can be proven through studies as well as anecdotally.
Anecdotally, authors bemoan fights to keep caveats in place as chapters are edited, refined and summarised.
Clearly no one had yet to go beyond studying it anecdotally.
Anecdotally it has long been said that regularly wearing high heels shortens the calf muscle.
Anecdotally, the tax appears to be suppressing sales.
Anecdotally, many believe a cutter is a dangerous pitch to throw.
The treatment sounds harsh, but the findings confirm what many pediatric dermatologists have seen anecdotally for years.
But anecdotally, local merchants say they've noticed an uptick in spending.
There is little scientific evidence to support these approaches but some patients report anecdotally that they are helpful.
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