anecdotal in a sentence

Example sentences for anecdotal

The result is a museum that mixes the formal and informal, the educational and anecdotal.
These reviews are more like what you would find in a guidebook than in an anecdotal consumer review.
Yet, the players' anecdotal evidence backs up the statistics.
His evidence was not scholarly, but merely anecdotal.
Some of the anecdotal evidence is spectacular.
But there is neither empirical nor anecdotal evidence.
She offers evidence both anecdotal and experimental.
Reliance on strictly anecdotal data causes the account to be intriguing but inconclusive.
Moving and inspiring, this book is a thoughtful anecdotal study of a important societal issue.
This comprehensive but anecdotal book is a curious mix of research and personal essay.
This is one of many anecdotal stories spelled out in detail.

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The impressionists made common cause with the realists against the artificialities of academic classicism and against al... more
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