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The boric acid has another ancillary function.
Bookstores have called this their fastest growing ancillary market.
That was an ancillary point: Winning again was all that mattered.
Close down unproductive centers, institutes, and other ancillary enterprises.
The Article and all ancillary elements are provided on an as-is basis.
In addition to the regular teacher, there were other ancillary teachers, .
In all, airlines raised $7.8 billion in ancillary fees last year,
Backstage there are new dressing rooms and ancillary spaces.
It also has enormous ancillary benefits for your organization in terms of communication and team building.
In addition, libraries provide all kinds of ancillary services.
Or maybe the print part of the gig is now the ancillary outreach.
However, sports and the marching band should be ancillary to academics in truth and image.
PhD focuses on research, teaching is an ancillary thing.
Sustainability is becoming embedded in operations, where it belongs, rather than seen as an ancillary support position.
Most pythons and many boa species now exist in captivity as viable ancillary populations.
But he added that the world still desperately needs ancillary breakthroughs in energy storage and energy efficiency.
It turns out that a number of these variants provide ancillary benefits.
The electrical power generation and increased navigation capability is an additional ancillary benefit.
It's ancillary benefits of power generation and navigation helped it get approval for construction.
Natural gas supplies will last longer, but the ancillary costs of production are growing rapidly.
But a primary natural purpose does not of necessity exclude ancillary advantages.
At the same time, with a blizzard of new ancillary markets such as home video and cable, the business had changed dramatically.
The ubiquity of ancillary services is also dependent on the airline you're flying.
If firms successfully deploy robotic labour, that will be good for robotics firms and the ancillary businesses that power them.
Ancillary workers, such as cleaners, are being laid off too.
Thus, appreciation may serve multiple-purposes and have more favorable ancillary effects.
As a way of gauging popular support, elections are ancillary.
All borrowing should be measured against the total tax income of a government, plus any ancillary income it receives.
As airlines come up with ever more ancillary fees, travelers are figuring out creative ways to avoid them.
Require airlines to prominently disclose all ancillary fees on their websites, including fees for checking bags.
For the first time, the annual study asked travel managers about ancillary fees.
Airlines make a huge amount of money off of ancillary fees, but hotels are also making significant returns off of similar fees.

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The hero sees that the event is ancillary: it must follow him. ... more
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