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For one thing the yuan is not fully convertible, so it cannot be an anchor currency.
Two public broadcasting anchor chairs are getting new occupants.
One site under consideration could anchor a new campus.
Job shedding by state and local governments remains a huge anchor on the economy.
One of them is a reminder of my military service, an eagle globe and anchor.
He attaches two sizes of chain to form the anchor rode.
Plenty of tenured profs view their tenure as an anchor of sorts around their necks that prevent further career opportunities.
Anchor the frame by bolting or pour concrete piles beforehand as you would for any fence.
Before dying, ants anchor themselves to the leaf, clamping their jaws on the edge or a vein on the underside.
The euro is working, in that it is stable, has established itself as a currency and provides a monetary anchor.
Anchor bolts work by transferring weight from the unstable exterior of a cliff to the much stronger interior of the mountain.
Relying too heavily on one reference anchor or piece of information when making decisions.
Newscasters are practically automatons already, so a synthetic anchor comes as a welcome alternative.
Old, teeth worn down to the gum, the wolf had enough strength to uproot the trap from its anchor.
The heavy iron anchor and chain tumbled noisily into the water.
Instead they act as the anchor dragging us all under.
Anchor a crisp navy- and-white decorating scheme with a pair of streamlined armchairs.
In normal times, a reputation helps to anchor low inflation.
Small waves are constantly adjusting the shoreline, but trees and vegetation anchor the shoreline.
Anchor heavier branches by loosely tying together their stem ends with a piece of twine.
Trace a boundary around the shiny patch by clicking to establish anchor points.
These receptors weakly anchor liquid crystal in a specific orientation along the film's corrugated surface.
For four of the eight the euro is already their monetary anchor.
In addition, the global financial system has lost its anchor.
The prospect of digging a hole in the ground deep enough to anchor the moon jumper suddenly seemed far-fetched.
In a single day the anchor of a cruise ship can destroy an area of coral reef half the size of a football pitch.
The anchor in the middle of the picture represents ocean exploration.
It is not a blessing to you, and now it seems you have also tied an anchor around whoever was trying to help you by cosigning.
Consisting of a anchor atop two horizontal ships wheels, all connected by vertical poles.
City planners are looking to airports to fill the anchor role once claimed by seaports.
But many ships are also now bathed by floodlights while at anchor.
We look for something to anchor the otherworldly in the familiar.
Either to bedrock or via some version of friction or traction anchor.
Near the anchor end, wind has blasted a smaller hole through the buttress.
They are also designed to anchor surround-sound systems if you want to set up a home theater.
That's a good spot to anchor the tag without injuring the shark or hindering its movement.
People also anchor on ideas, sometimes with serious consequences.
Critical thinking is, more or less, the other anchor of the spider web: the willowy stem of skepticism.
The orderly kitchen cabinets, made of maple-veneered plywood, act as a visual anchor for the red plastered walls.
Divers on the expedition first spotted a large anchor, the first clue that there might be some bigger find on the seafloor.
The brook's mouth was a convenient salt marsh, where the colonists could anchor their boats.
And they don't miss having a house somewhere to anchor them.
The sheet anchor is the largest and heaviest of all.
To weigh anchor is to lift it from its moorings, so that the ship may start on her voyage.
Is as the tossing buoy, that betrays where the anchor is hidden.
Yet the best pilots have need of mariners, besides sails, anchor and other tackle.
For, if they have not numerical superiority where they anchor they have only to sail a mile or two to find it.
Where the ships, with their wavering shadows, were riding at anchor.
Instead of planting the base of a turbine in the seabed, researchers need only plant an anchor for the tether.
Every planet has a somewhat eccentric and wobbly orbit around it's gravitational anchor.
Betty was sturdier, with a square muscular body to anchor them both.
There is a fountain in the middle that is much too small to anchor the large circle, and always looks forlorn.
Stark and chilling, it abstains from the strategies that traditionally anchor the didactic poster.
He might have travelled, he never knew for sure if his family was his anchor or his burden.
And, on the cover of a tabloid or in the box above a cable-news anchor's head, they do not appear to be part of a conversation.
It would be foolish to attempt to tie a structure to a sandy rock that would crumble at the first strong pull from the anchor.
She'll entertain guests and clients at anchor, a bizarre museum to a different country's naval power.
Confidence works backwards: if there is an anchor in the long term, it is easier to maintain trust in the short term.
As the anchor of the development, the library attracts users who then linger and spend money nearby.
In countries prone to high inflation, a stable exchange rate helps to anchor prices.
Increasingly, they need an anchor-an electronic list that keeps track of everything-to stop things from sliding into chaos.
The necessity of continued balance sheet repair among households will act as an anchor on job growth.
He reels in the fishing line, so that the cord is now looped over the anchor branch.
We must begin to think of technology less as an anchor and more as a sail.
Less than five minutes after the panga's anchor is set, the first squid is hooked.
Anchor, if pointing out hypocrisy and lameness is being a policeman then so be it.
They developed huge breastbones and wishbones to anchor the muscles needed to power flight.
In particular, the tendency to anchor on slices of privileged ancestry.
Any such oscillations can also be canceled by an opposite movement of the anchor station.
Anchor, your comments are as ridiculous as your spelling.
Optionally click the right button to re-anchor while drawing.
They look for an anchor, something that doesn't ever change, that is constant and supportive.
Unfortunately, the mentally ill have no anchor to reality.
Look at this one, a bug landed on the anchor and he made a funny noise.
The tide was out, and fishing boats at anchor were being covered with snow.
During the night, someone-possibly a local fisherman, they said-had stolen the thick floating anchor lines.
Many projects have been conducted using anchor tags.
Drop anchor somewhere remote and dive off the deck for a swim.

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