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Info on their medical history, ancestry, and current meds was already available but not linked to specific participants.
The proposition that other people have a right to forcibly evict such people by virtue of sharing the same ancestry is spurious.
The bones of its hind legs, for example, have played an important role in the dispute about bird ancestry.
But many owners have no knowledge of their cats' ancestry.
All people alive today can trace their ancestry back to these humans, according to previous studies.
While his voice and spirit are unique to him, in exploring his own ancestry, he shows us our own.
Some one has well said that interest in ancestry is always the result of progress in civilization.
According to two research teams, the ancient whale remains reveal telltale signs of artiodactyl ancestry.
The results stand to elucidate not only the ancestry of hippos but also that of whales.
Biological evolution and common ancestry are real and proved by the convergence of the sciences.
The study's abstract says individuals were matched by birth year and age, but says nothing about ancestry.
Even our own direct ancestry was marked by branching events.
If evolution is true, then you must claim common ancestry with the banana and fruit fly as well.
People with different ancestry need different diets.
Despite the disparate forms, however, they are joined together by a common ancestry.
We know that all these tyrannosaurs shared a common ancestry but some are more closely related than others.
The key is finding traits that are shared in some organisms due to common ancestry but are absent in others.
Linked by common ancestry, stegosaurs and ankylosaurs were more closely related to each other than other kinds of dinosaurs.
We have an outline of our ancestry, but the details are still subject to change.
Many more changed their names, clothing and other giveaway features of their ancestry to escape persecution.
More plausibly, the marquess might have claimed that there was something amiss in his ancestry.
The government does not need to be involved if someone decides to trace his ancestry or discover what type of earwax he has.
They do not want information about their ancestry or hereditary dispositions available to any but themselves.
Greeks are known for their heritage of artistic and intellectual ancestry.
The peoples here spoke the same language, shared the same ancestry, and had long inhabited the same territory.
He is merely reflecting the view of those he share common ancestry.
These individuals are not all unmixed in their ancestry.
The distinctiveness of the animals obscures their ancestry.
Although the moon has enthralled observers for aeons, planetary scientists have struggled to trace its ancestry.
Second, if you're terrified about what ancestry inference might tell you, probably you should see a shrink.
Walking around this exhibition, you encounter the ancestry of that handiwork.
He explored the ancestry of microbes by tracing the similarities and differences between their genomes.
But for the viewer, the work's craft ancestry promotes a confidence in looking at it.

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