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Together, our ancestors made this country what it is today.
It follows that our ancestors who believed in the shaman's stick-waving, or whatever he did, would consequently be healthier.
To say that our ancestors lived in a zero sum world is to say that they did not cooperate.
Whether the ancestors to modern snakes lost their limbs at sea or on land has been the subject of debate for over a century.
Of course in probabilistic terms it's more likely that none of the fossils are ancestors of any living creature today.
Even if you were not saved by penicillin or some other antibiotic yourself, one of your ancestors likely was.
Separating fossil ancestors from collateral relatives is no simple task.
One consequence is that many tribes believe they and their ancestors have occupied the same places since the dawn of time.
It's been long thought that the ancestors of ostriches, emus, and other flightless birds that once flew were flightless too.
In this new position, our innards were not as well supported as they had been in our quadrupedal ancestors.
First, mimic octopus ancestors started switching on bold colors to shock predators when camouflage failed.
It does not appear in people whose ancestors lived in plague-free areas of the world.
However, if computer models are good enough to prove global warming, they must be good enough to prove these common ancestors.
By implication, the ancestors of their owners did, too.
Discover answers about your ancestors in historical records and create your family tree online.
That's the only kind of descent from common ancestors that they are willing to acknowledge.
White settlers had driven their ancestors westward, grabbing their lands.
Discover answers about your ancestors in historical records and create your family tree.
The ancestors of birds may have taken to the air on four wings and a prayer.
The point is your ancestors were held back and because of that, so were you.
One argues that birds' immediate ancestors lived in trees.
The body louse, a plague to humans and our ancestors for millions of years, subsists exclusively on our unwitting hospitality.
Feathers, air sacs, nesting behavior-the earliest birds owed a lot to their dinosaurian ancestors.
Other cultures have a more comfortable relationship with the deceased, and even commune with the spirits of ancestors.
Changes in food availability over time, it seems, strongly influenced our hominid ancestors.
She says she felt the spirit of her ancestors beading along with her.
The world in which our hominid ancestors evolved was pretty similar to the world in which these monkeys live.
Exactly how and when speech evolved in our ancestors has proved difficult to explain, however.
With gentle tenacity, she pried loose memories of long-gone ancestors from elderly villagers.
They are the broken relics of a time when our distant ancestors still laid eggs.
One of the first traits that differentiated humans from our ancestors was upright gait.
Those pesky ancestors seem to have been wandering all over the place.
So when our ancestors crawled out of the sea, they gained the opportunity to plan their behavior in advance.
Modern chimps are likely to take the same kinds of foods as our early ancestors.
Or perhaps our ancestors were as variable in size as humans are today.
For the evolutionary biologists, we're all subject to the reproductive tastes that favored our hunting and gathering ancestors.
They are the only real carriers of the fire of our ancestors to us today.
It's not a dinosaur, but it may have eaten some of their ancestors.
Somehow predation rates on other species suddenly went up while rates on human ancestors declined.
Not food products made from heavily processed and refined grains and legumes that our ancient ancestors didn't eat.
Their ancestors date back more than one million years and have already survived extreme geologic changes.
The ancestors of primates needed to accurately judge the distances between tree branches before taking a leap, so the theory went.
However, it could have evolved from many different ancestors.
The pigs, whose ancestors escaped from farms decades ago, are being fenced in and hunted down.
So an aversion to bitter may have helped our ancestors survive.
For our ancestors the importance of survival far exceeded the importance of matching colors or reading the same sheet of music.
It is great to learn of this fascinating society in which the world's ancestors prospered.
They had short-necked ancestors that had tried all their lives to reach for the juicy leaves of trees.
We don't really know how and why social living evolved, not only in our own ancestors but among living things more generally.
It was not so easy for our ancestors to cross over from the pre-human world of natural history to the world of human culture.
He inherited, however, but little of the martial character of his ancestors.
Their ancestors came here years ago against their will, and this is their only country and their only flag.
Between the two, our ancestors were furnished with a compact and complete criticism of life.
Posterity, thinned by the crime of its ancestors, shall hear of those battles.
No ancestors for the little books, however, have been discovered.
He who serves well his country has no need of ancestors.
He also shows that groups of similar species have descended from common ancestors.
Stem cells are their ancestors, and can replenish themselves indefinitely.
Thanks to the durability of those early inks, the thoughts of our ancestors have been preserved.
Most of us don't live and work on the farm, as the vast majority of our ancestors did for many generations.
And help them overcome the challenges and bigotry your ancestors faced.
Walk through the cemeteries at night to see the elaborate candle-lit vigils people have created for their ancestors.
See if a local farmer will talk to you about the process of corn farming back when your ancestors were doing it.
As our living ancestors, they give us a view of lost worlds.
But it has been a mystery how this delicate system evolved from the cruder listening organs of our reptilian ancestors.
Plants thrive off the nutrient remnants of their ancestors and peers.
Therefore, it has been argued, their dinosaur ancestors were also warm-blooded.
For our ancestors, meat supplied a more concentrated package of calories and nutrients than weeds and berries.
Perhaps they represented ancestors, or heroes, or gods or goddesses from some spirit world.
There is relatively little separating birds from their feathered dinosaur ancestors.
Paleontologists do not expect to find the direct ancestors of later dinosaurs, it is important to understand.
Our prehistoric ancestors spent much of their waking hours foraging for and consuming food, an instinct that obviously paid off.
When humanity's first ancestors appeared on this world, they made no difference.
Their alignment also hinted at a spine connection typical of upright-walking primates-in other words, humans and human ancestors.
In the absence of intermediate forms, people proposed almost every type of mammal as ancestors.
Our ancestors also quickly figured out how to harness yeast to ferment alcohol and leaven bread.
Humans have put these ancestors on the evolutionary tree in peril.
These are the bones of our earliest digital ancestors.
Of course, our distant ancestors didn't see the conundrum faced by today's instrument makers.
The ways that served their ancestors through captivity and coming to freedom have begun to lose their utility.
Our intellectual ancestors were wrong on many fundamental points.
In time, debating polygamy will remind us why our ancestors were right to abolish it.
Our ancestors probably did not have much larger brains than the chimps, nor did they have much more sophisticated hands.
What he really wanted was a family crest that would tie him to their white ancestors.
We fully respect the right of all the victims' relatives to decide what to do with their ancestors' remains.
Giraffes are so tall because their ancestors ate the top branches off trees.
We owe both the lever system in our jaws and small bones in our ear to our shark ancestors.
If you're crummy at math you can thank your slothful wheat- and corn-growing ancestors who slept through the long, cold winter.
Our ancestors had a large face, reached after a long period of growth.
They are the remains of ancient viruses, which shoved their genes among those of our ancestors.
The bones of our ancestors do not speak across time with ultimate clarity.
Their evolution and our own show some striking parallels that may shed light on how our ancestors diverged from other apes.
Ironically, this same change of receptors may have also allowed our ancestors to evolve big brains.
That's what you would expect of an instinct that evolved in our distant ancestors.
One can imagine it would have been a dangerous quality among our ancestors as well.
They retained a muscle-attaching breastbone, and they did not re-evolve the sharp teeth of their ancestors.
Wolves, for example--the probable ancestors of dogs--live in packs that hunt together and have a complex hierarchy.
But there's a deep core that connects to our peasant ancestors.
We are much too busy and progressive, thank you, for the magic charms and potions and amulets that so bedazzled our dim ancestors.
He also, by his own account, spent time in the oak grove where his ancestors were buried.
She used that amazing instrument to bear witness to the pain and perseverance of her ancestors.
Scientists have discovered the missing link between whales and their four-footed ancestors.

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