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Disable its action and muscles will grow in parts of the anatomy where other animals do not even have them.
Its anatomy and evolution shed light on the profound differences between humans and other animals.
Perhaps they share anatomy with their closest cousins: antelopes, gazelles, goats and sheep — renowned jumpers all.
They have looked at the anatomy of sprinters and found that their feet are built differently from those of couch potatoes.
Brain imaging has progressed from gross anatomy to complex circuits.
Some of his most fascinating works are his drawings in engineering and anatomy.
He taught human anatomy to medical students at the local hospital.
This technique looks beyond mere anatomy and produces a three-dimensional picture of the body's biochemical processes.
The primary responsibility for this position will be serving as course director for two courses in human gross anatomy.
Each page offers a similarly interesting detail, covering a range of topics from anatomy to hunting and dining.
The answer arose as she inspected moray anatomy.
Experience teaching college lecture and laboratory courses in anatomy, physiology and nutrition required.
The idea that mating behavior might have something to do with sauropod anatomy was inspired by giraffes.
She had little formal education and so taught herself anatomy, geology, paleontology and scientific illustration.
Others referred to cadavers used in an embalming lab in a way that upset the families of anatomy-bequest donors.
It thus looks as though tandem repeats can have significant effects on anatomy.
But the ultimate ambition of economics is for something more akin to anatomy.
From these images, a surgeon can tell a tumor's location and anatomy, or its size and shape.
He understood their anatomy, he possessed a microscope, he could speed through the professional literature.
The prints are the oldest known to show modern foot anatomy.
And then there are the different parts of the anatomy of the fish.
Evolutionary biologists agree that shifts in behavior often drive changes in anatomy.
Discuss the different kinds of foods that sharks eat and how their anatomy fi ts the prey they hunt.
Then they modeled how sound would interact with the anatomy.
The anatomy of the optic nerve suggests that covering one eye does not cause input to only one brain hemisphere.
In the case of cows, it helps to know something of their anatomy.
From the comments, one can infer that several correspondents should take another look at the metaphorical elephant's anatomy.
Dorsey intends the tattoo as a reference to his interests in math, music, and anatomy.
Fossil bones are wonderful for understanding anatomy, but they are inherently static.
McComb points out that the solicitation purring is only possible because of a quirk of feline anatomy.
This, in turn, will yield more data about the moon's internal anatomy.

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