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Their brain-cases and thumbs and necks and teeth were anatomically the same as our own.
As is too often the case, though, the dinosaurs on the labels aren't quite anatomically accurate.
He provides a sampling of such images on a website, including ones that show modified bodies that are anatomically impossible.
The fact that the heart is anatomically correct can only help calm you down.
That's where the earliest anatomically modern skulls have been found.
Far less clear is the origin of anatomically modern birds.
Some say that anatomically it is not different than a modern chimpanzee.
Anatomically curved knees allow freedom of movement even when you're fully layered up.
Built for technical courses with performance materials, uncompromising quality, and an anatomically designed fit.
Anatomically contoured insole with integral steel shank for support.
Pigs are used in decomposition studies because they are anatomically similar to humans.
Anatomically, the species shows a mix of primitive and advanced traits.
He planned to see if any part of the spinal cord had reorganized anatomically as a result of his behavioral experiments.
Possibly it's unethical to criticize performance anatomically.
Though this epithet invites what is anatomically impossible, it does say much about the mind-set behind the movie.
In another test, candidates must submit sketches of anatomically correct human figures.
Previous designs had failed, he explained, because they did not fit anatomically.
The latter two structures, for instance, are anatomically enlarged.
There were wide swaths of the world which only anatomically modern humans settled.
Anatomically and behaviorally modern humans seem to be exceptionally strange creatures.
In other words, they may not be anatomically modern humans.
Others bags are emblazoned with anatomically correct kidneys, the heart or a uterus.
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