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Centuries of studies of the human body would suggest that all major anatomical structures have been identified.
Yet ultimately, height is a social as well as an anatomical fact.
Apart from specialised nerve cells, there is a lot of anatomical specialisation in the brain itself.
It seems an obvious line of investigation that would put the anatomical arguments to rest.
Anatomical examinations revealed similarities between the mice's brains and those of human patients.
Scientists have found the first evidence of an anatomical connection between the nervous system and the immune system.
Both of these anatomical changes are seen in human schizophrenics too.
But it also had anatomical features that obviously suited it for aquatic life.
Yet the purpose of this straightforward anatomical arrangement has baffled researchers.
Bailey used basic anatomical comparison to set the stage for his idea.
Nearby, there's an anatomical model with an exposed brain.
Organized by body system, the chapters offer a balanced combination of basic anatomical and physiological information.
Some extinct animals have anatomical oddities that seem destined to be confined to the marginalia of history.
Their anatomical similarities came through convergent evolution.
Mack and his team are currently collecting fresh anatomical material and developing new models to test this theory.
Despite these anatomical similarities, however, such chains of individuals had not previously been seen among these arthropods.
The living room is filled with taxidermy and anatomical models.
Future field expeditions are expected to focus on anatomical studies and sensory research.
It evolves distinctive anatomical features and adaptations for the colder climes.
To avoid being too anatomical when photographing the human form, try using soft focus or a little blur.
But when they took a closer look at these species, the researchers noticed anatomical similarities.
So he experimented in his home laboratory and greenhouses, cross-pollinating some plants with their anatomical opposites.
Morphology is the science of anatomical shape and design.
But the spot-slashing of gray matter is not the only early anatomical sign of the disorder.
The writers insistently deflect their gaze from anatomical gender difference, angrily proclaiming that it is a nonissue.
Anatomical fossils have given scant confirmation about when our ancestors developed a fully modern gait.
Sometimes a free market crashes, an anatomical trait makes no sense, and the better idea loses.
There is the basic geological and anatomical data, but restoring ancient interactions and ecosystems is often a tricky process.
Nor were the minute anatomical details of the teeth especially helpful in solving this case.
It seems to me that such speculation remains acceptable, particularly if directed toward non-anthropoid anatomical configurations.
Supermodels, walking billboards of anatomical fads, heralded the shift with their craze for navel rings.
Anatomical features do not always translate easily into function.
The researchers were tipped off to this deep link by some anatomical similarities among bird and alligator lungs.
Specific anatomical and physiological properties in the airways are more likely to be present in obese individuals with apnea.
It's starting to look as though this may not be a particularly creative use of valuable anatomical real estate.
The anatomical studies could not show what the actual effects of the brain differences were.
The link was previously suggested by anatomical similarities.
Nor did the statement state the clot's specific anatomical location.
Dowden was recognized for the anatomical accuracy and beauty of her paintings.
With an anatomical rustle that soared into the murk of the stony vaults above them, all bowed their heads.
How much anatomical conjecture and artistic license is required to do so varies from dinosaur to dinosaur.
Each secondary lobule is composed of several primary lobules, the anatomical units of the lung.
So it's no surprise to learn that his own life was framed by the exacting discipline of anatomical dissection.
Dorsey did indeed have spectacular breath control, through a combination of anatomical good fortune and artful deception.
Computer algorithms then use measurements from different parts of the brain to create the anatomical picture.
Genetic and anatomical tests, however, reveal that the new species is related to other common groups of modern snails.
Read simple descriptions and see anatomical diagrams of the various parts of an insect's nervous system.
It took a ton of anatomical engineering, and the end result is a unique architecture that spans the entire nasal area.
For months, the neurosurgeons had planned this operation using a new generation of virtual reality anatomical models.
The brain has discrete anatomical spaces for each one.
In aggregate, these changes make neurons more sensitive to each other and put the anatomical scaffold of a memory in place.
Anatomical studies look at neural wiring to learn what's connected to what.
Morphology here refers to gross anatomical features.
The anatomical relocation improved dexterity by leaving the arms free to move in new ways.
In fact, this fossil exhibits no intermediate characteristics at all in terms of anatomical features.
Anatomical location of brain activity matters, because there is not a single study that can reveal the absolute truth.
In the study of kinetics, relative centers of gravity stimulate the development of anatomical structures.
Instead, surgeons use anatomical landmarks unique to each patient to determine the size of his or her new, smaller stomach.

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