analogy in a sentence

Example sentences for analogy

And so we turn, eagerly, for a fresher analogy.
Most espionage fiction of recent years bears a conscious analogy to a chess game.
The greatest danger to a speculative biologist is analogy.
The analogy of a high-wire walker inspires women to find order in their lives.
The analogy is not just surface-deep.
Consider the analogy of a plane that is tangent to a sphere.
She drew an analogy between this enterprise and the local infatuation with all things 80's.
The analogy between cars and computers can't be taken too far.
Consider a frivolous analogy to cookie-baking.
The advantage of a sports analogy is respect for accurate reporting of facts.

Famous quotes containing the word analogy

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Nationality is the miracle of political independence; race is the principle of physical analogy.... more
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