analogous in a sentence

Example sentences for analogous

Eller skillfully parallels these challenges in the main character's analogous difficulties with employment, finances and family.
The therapy is analogous to an ice pack for the spine.
There is an equivalent show for designers, though, that might be analogous to projects in engineering classes.
Growing inequality is analogous to global warming.
She was a great observer of children, and to her the television screen was analogous to the mother's face in infancy.
It is analogous to the amplification of sound by a sounding board.
They are not analogous if one is accurate and one is not.
Bubba has never heard of meditation, but surmises it is analogous to fishing.
That situation is in no way analogous to the current one.
He said the teachers' union had agreed to analogous changes in work rules.

Famous quotes containing the word analogous

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