anagram in a sentence

Example sentences for anagram

Using letter tiles, you can easily slip letters into line to form words for the anagram puzzles.
To indicate an anagram he added “(anag.)” to the word concerned.
Wilbur writes that among her father's language interests were anagrams.
This was an anagram of the words “too many secrets&rdquo.
But with 12 attributes, the distracted anagram solvers tended to make wiser choices, the study found.
Thrillcheese is an anagram of my first, last, and middle initial.
Each fake staffer's name is an anagram of their title plus one extra letter.
In transposition, the letters of the message are simply rearranged, effectively generating an anagram.
Telefora is an anagram for "orate elf."
My guess is that this text is English language text that has been run through some kind of nonsense anagram generator.
Anagram is a word made by using letters of another word in a different order.
The anagram, or transposition of the letters in words or sentences, was much.
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