anaerobic in a sentence

Example sentences for anaerobic

In periodontal disease, the bacterial balance shifts over to gram negative anaerobic bacteria.
Because this is where anaerobic bacteria, which produce sulfur, in the course of their processing get involved.
It is only when the piles become starved of oxygen that noxious anaerobic activity begins.
The real answer may be to put in microbes that are only anaerobic.
It was the byproduct of anaerobic bacterial respiration.
The first lagoon is bubbly and dark, with anaerobic bacteria digesting the organic matter to reduce odor.
Anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis both produce renewable energy while destroying infectious agents in manure.
Manures should go into anaerobic digesters to make clean biofuel.
Many dairies currently use anaerobic digestors to capture the methane from manure.
Conduct research on cellular respiration and anaerobic respiration in muscles.
But these other microbes need strict anaerobic conditions to work.
As the oceans warm the ability of water to retain oxygen will decrease until only anaerobic bacteria can survive.
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