anaemic in a sentence

Example sentences for anaemic

He's still mildly anaemic, but he enjoys a good quality of life.
Export data reflect both the now-robust growth of emerging economies and the still-anaemic performance of the rich world.
Domestic premiums are stabilising after plummeting during the turmoil, but growth is likely to be anaemic.
Although many countries have now returned to growth, it is generally anaemic.
The bigger problem is that once employment growth resumes, it will probably remain anaemic.
Public sentiment on whaling, for and against, is anaemic.
But it could lengthen if growth remains anaemic and deficits stay high.
With advanced countries suffering anaemic growth, we're even more dependent on growth in the emerging countries.
History teaches us that financial crises are followed by anaemic growth and the developed economy is duly following the script.
But that growth is anaemic compared with what it once was.
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