anadromous in a sentence

Example sentences for anadromous

Big dams stop anadromous fish, the best-known of which are salmon, returning to their spawning-grounds to breed.
Coho salmon is an anadromous fish which needs a period in the marine environment to complete its life cycle.
Sticklebacks are anadromous fish, meaning they spend part of their lives in both freshwater and in the ocean.
Both species are anadromous and undertake upriver spawning migrations during spring.
Sea-run cutthroat trout and steelhead are also anadromous members of the salmonid family.
Construction activities also must be coordinated with critical spawning periods of anadromous fish.
Protect waterfowl nesting and molting areas, anadromous streams, and prehistoric heritage sites.
Pacific lampreys are anadromous, meaning that they live in both fresh and salt water.
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