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Carrie's schoolboy naivete sounded anachronistic even in 1967.
Sadly, the anachronistic conventions of bookselling and copyright law lag the technology.
It's joyfully anachronistic, as if we drove straight here from the 1960s.
Buckley makes use of some happily anachronistic narration in a lively mystery series kickoff set in 1560.
See, I have no patience for that movie -- too much is anachronistic.
As history it is anachronistic and occasionally unreliable; as narrative and commentary it is forceful and beautifully written.
It isn't 1975 anymore, and your cold war dichotomy is quaintly anachronistic.
Despite the occasional anachronistic word or concept, Penman has a good feel for the period.
But this policy has now become anachronistic, even counterproductive.
Yet such a concentration of power is an anachronistic mistake.
High food prices have also left the round looking anachronistic, if not obsolete.
She was dark and weird, sad and bawdy-a modern hotchpotch with some richly anachronistic ingredients.
The result is an entertaining and anachronistic send-up of canonical texts.
He accused the party's anachronistic elements of undermining it.
Today the notion of people opening their mouths to sing their hearts out is as anachronistic as speaking in iambic pentameter.
But even much of the slang in this movie is anachronistic, belonging to the television rather than the radio age.
Another is an anthropological discourse on twin-lore partly anachronistic in its inclusiveness.
Opponents call fox hunting with dogs cruel, barbaric and anachronistic.
Fishing wild marine resources is rather anachronistic in any case.
Some elements of the system are anachronistic and in need of rethinking.
Local school boards are anachronistic in many respects.
Bricks and mortar branches were thought to be anachronistic, if not actual impediments, to operational efficiency.
In a word, the existing prohibitions are anachronistic.
It is a simply supported, single-span tied arch structure that combines elements that are both anachronistic and innovative.
And the notion of liquidity risk management was anachronistic, or so it seemed.

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The differences between the two men were pronounced. Galileo was an urbane gentleman who loved wine (which he described ... more
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