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Example sentences for anachronism

This is not an anachronism, this is a poet.
At other moments, the film wallows in sentimental anachronism.
Even in 1915, it was an anachronism.
It is time to rethink the public funding of this anachronism from the past.
It keeps it from becoming an ossified anachronism.
Though the fanciful millinery is an anachronism, the event remains an enchanting scene.
The greeting, like the man, is something of a Hollywood anachronism.
The notion of downloading files and keeping them is an anachronism.
It resists the assumption that live performance in dance-pop has become an anachronism.
You can't make a modern, liberal institution out of such an anachronism.
The long research paper is sometimes considered an anachronism.
The present system is an anachronism, deeply out of touch with both the present and future.
But this kind of thing became by degrees an unpleasant anachronism.
But it's also a distinct anachronism in an era when medicine is becoming less and less invasive.
These days few share my epistolary penchant, which is dismissed as a doomed anachronism.
Pixels are an anachronism, the clumsy brush strokes of the digital world.
But this anachronism affects fewer than a million people, and no one else cares.
He was something of an anachronism: a great novelist who was not a great writer.
His sound was distinct enough to avoid anachronism: of a tradition but unique.
Anachronism has become almost irresistible for opera directors.
One life is equal to another now, rank is an anachronism.
News reports seem to make it a reality rather than an anachronism.
Clearly that is a bit of anachronism that no longer fits any reality.
The check in process is largely an anachronism, but there are still reasons it exists.
Open outcry is an anachronism, albeit one that is fun to watch.
But antibiotics and vaccines have turned it into an anachronism.
Other people interviewed simply said the ban was a silly anachronism and should be dropped forthwith.
Boards are becoming more independent and professional, rendering the old-style strongmen ever more of an anachronism.
In a world of more or less free trade, the question of whether population growth here is good is an anachronism.
But a lady who lets her bills drag on from month to month is an anachronism.
Yet those same events may have rendered him an anachronism.
Oratory is now gone and is virtually an anachronism.
Second, truth be told, the old principles were an anachronism.
The idea you can avoid it by not being responsible is an anachronism.
Rather than an anachronism, it is a cutting edge state.

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