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Sad, certainly, that they think this kind of gesture is amusing or funny.
Anonymously texting your friends and colleagues with vulgar messages is quite amusing.
From first to last, this amusing pretension has garnished his public oratory, and the responses of fluent sycophants.
Higher education's odd characters and amusing nooks.
Looking back, the whole situation was pretty amusing.
Microscopists have always delighted in the surprising, amusing and often profoundly beautiful scenes under their lenses.
Multiple versions of scenarios were formulated, a few too anodyne to be amusing and some too disgusting for words.
The myth that private is somehow a more efficient social organization than public is amusing.
Yet the discrepancy between her inner life and her actions is often amusing.
But to see the flag walking, with ten feet sticking out underneath, was mildly amusing.
But until then more comic opera, with even less amusing results, lies ahead.
Amusing how the only reasonable choice of fuel available today is being disparaged.
Still, it's going to be a little while before this is more than an amusing little toy.
It's amusing to hear them make noises about how their cranky new widgets will soon allow them to model their quest.
It would be amusing to you and your neighbors, even if it didn't work.
It is amusing to see how many commentators never read the article.
Such optimism would be amusing if there were not so many lives at stake.
There's no denying that some people found the story amusing though.
Click through for the winners and some amusing visuals.
Unfortunately, the situation has been anything but amusing.
Especially amusing were the ones where you knew the backstory, and could see how they were covering various things up.
It has been highly amusing to watch the date of their release repeatedly postponed for the last eight months.
Ridicule is a much more amusing medium for the display of a subject than praise, which is always rather bromidic.
The amusing side is that the sooner there are no fewer the more certain is the necessity dwindled.
His amusing phrasing innocently mixes sight and sound.
It's amusing because to get all the point totals correct as s/he had done, the student had to have been looking at the syllabus.
Many of the comments defending printed books over the electronic versions are expectedly quaint and amusing.
But it's certainly amusing to think about these things.
It is amusing how you can castigate the science based skepticism, but insist on the opposite extreme of blind faith.
Creating amusing illusions is a big business if you play it right.
The material offered by observations on the journey is various beyond enumeration, and much of it is extremely amusing.
It's always both amusing and discouraging to look at public opinion polls on the budget deficit.
For the doctor, it was a trick on the inner ear, an amusing exercise in vertigo.
Foreigners and their peculiar ways were infuriating, to be sure, but also highly amusing.
Amusing contretemps on the tennis court come to mind as a favorite offering.
It has a number of amusing pictures that have never been used.
The generation gap has been amusing but not insurmountable.
Some of the amusing-looking creatures slept and lounged, but others were active.
It's always amusing when one species of kook objects to being compared with another species.
It's amusing to see the number of people here looking for that techno savior.
That's always an amusing one, as vulcanism isn't on the increase and doesn't chart with their argument.
The irony packed into that statement is rather amusing.
He displayed skill at weaving with twine, made amusing faces and drank soda.
Tycoon did well in these tests, and several amusing animated films were rendered using its system.
She thought it was quite amusing until the cash started pouring out of forgotten crannies in her clothes.
Duck is not a good actor at all, but that in itself was amusing.
If the visitor will promise himself not to take this play seriously, he will probably have a rather amusing evening.
Always amusing, to us anyway, is the great drama of the skin incision.
His memoirs include amusing, heartwarming vignettes of patient encounters.
While feeling somewhat put out at first, he eventually develops an appreciation of the amusing and odd quirks of his companions.

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