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Example sentences for amused

The coachman survived, but reportedly was not amused.
But officials weren't amused when two students there created a motorized couch to travel the campus.
Bankers were as amused by the jockeying as they were delighted by the fees it generated.
Both were probably amused at the horde of journalists stumbling about their office space.
On a leisurely journey through the pages, the reader is frequently charmed, amused and educated.
The grounds, though compact, are shady and well-kept and the kids were especially amused by watching the penguins being fed.
Thus, its really testing which group is more easily amused.
It's a self-contained story that's full of great deeds with plenty of humor to keep them amused.
Kitty was mightily amused by the flying green bean ends.
As an illustrator, he developed a style that amused and impressed critics.
He never ceased to be amused by the celebrity status that the book subsequently gave him.
It has resonated with a large audience and has amused many for a moment.
And the next day they amused themselves until it was time to go to meat.
And as soon as they had finished their meal, they amused themselves a while in singing and dancing round the fire.
He is tall, with tufts of gray hair and sly, amused eyes.
Cathy is amused by his awkwardness-more concerned about how he's feeling than she is about her own turmoil.
When he is interested or amused, he talks with a rush of words which betrays him into a slight lisp.
Schultz is amused that the record has started attracting attention again.
Surprisingly, he not only was amused by him but genuinely liked him.
What they wanted was for their cares to be lifted for a few hours, to be soothed and perhaps gently amused.
And in place of having blinds, the windows darken at the touch of a button, which should keep the kids amused.
Most readers were amused and elaborated on the hoax.
However, it was not the article itself that amused me, it was the comments underneath it.
He is amused by many things, expresses whimsical conceits, laughs.
Object of the half-amused smirk from the quasi cognoscente.
The kids and adults were thoroughly amused and many of them headed right into the library to get some more books.
He amused himself through reading, hobbies, and entertaining visitors.
At age thirteen, he reputedly had built a small stage and amused himself by frequently giving puppet shows for his friends.

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