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Example sentences for amuse

But two detectives who amuse themselves with such loose strings thought something of the yellowing file.
If you want to amuse me, though, you'll put a nickname in your signature.
Used as a sort of parlor game to amuse or as a metaphor for the existence of different points of view, okay.
It will delight youngsters and even amuse adults who haven't gone completely sour.
True or not, the on-screen follies mostly amuse and generally divert.
They use this technique to escape predators and sometimes, apparently, simply to amuse themselves.
The winter now set in, and the brothers suggested that they should amuse themselves by playing games.
Neutrino doesn't follow football, but he likes to amuse himself sometimes by trying to concoct a play that can't be stopped.
Painstakingly wrought amuse-bouches have received lukewarm receptions.
Do not serve an amuse-bouche without detailing the ingredients.
Shortly thereafter, he was inventing mathematical games to amuse himself.
Soldiers played cards and dominoes and found many other ways to amuse themselves.
While on the range, he began sketching to amuse his companions.
Their main purpose, though, is not to amuse you but to persuade you.
More bizarre, fast paced stories of the macabre to enthrall, terrify and amuse you.
Designed to amuse, not bemuse, audiences of all ages.
Often, these are imaginative youngsters who are quite content to amuse themselves.
Includes numerous screen saver effects, desktop wallpaper, and an image puzzle to challenge and amuse.
Eye-catching compositions for magazine cover art and humor cartoons engage, amuse, and enlighten viewers.
They amuse children by reading to or playing games with them and help school-age children with their homework.

Famous quotes containing the word amuse

Courtin's manual of etiquette of 1671 explains: "These little people are allowed to amuse themselves withou... more
Young man, there is America, which at this day serves for little more than to amuse you with stories of sav... more
The interest in Wisdom is fading. Soon there will not be enough left to support the aphorism, even though it tries to more
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