amputee in a sentence

Example sentences for amputee

He knew that nerves in an amputee's stump could still carry signals from the brain.
The prosthetic hand has movable digits, which enabled an amputee soldier to build a model of a wooden boat.
They realize that life as an amputee will not be easy.
The sense of urgency felt on the battlefield or in the amputee wards enters living rooms via nightly news coverage.
In essence, each amputee's brain reshaped his understanding of where his body was.
But he's a right hand amputee, and has a prosthetic limb.
Halls and doorways are extra wide, all the furniture is movable, and even the bathroom fixtures are amputee-friendly.
Amputee creates a tattoo that makes his shoulder become a dolphin.
Optimizing medical care for the combat amputee is a complex task.
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