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Example sentences for amputation

From childhood he was afflicted with a tuberculous disease which finally necessitated the amputation of a foot.
They would do what they could to stop bleeding, if they had to do an amputation, they did an amputation.
Diabetic foot disease, caused by changes in blood vessels and nerves, often leads to ulceration and eventual amputation.
In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputation.
On the y-axis you see the responses to amputation and apostasy.
Amputation may be needed, especially in those with diabetes or poor blood circulation.
But the amputation of sociologic, psychological and cognitive considerations makes good policy impossible.
If an arm or leg infection cannot be controlled, amputation of the limb may be considered.
It involved radiation for about six weeks, followed by an amputation.

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The state of society is one in which the members have suffered amputation from the trunk, and strut about s... more
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