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In the long run, a million horrid deaths would be amply repaid in the cause of humanity.
Much to the amazement of a houseful audience, this tiger made it amply clear that she can swim.
Amply resilient for turbulent handling in-flight or rough transport up a mountain via a yak, this is one burly bag.
In four concise sentences, you have amply demonstrated the need for social sciences and the humanities.
These things are amply covered in the book, but there is this worrying trend to expect us to hand the students the answers.
Together, the authors amply prove the old maxim that even paranoids have enemies.
Governments have proved amply that they can't be counted on to get the job of cleaning up corruption done, even with a new treaty.
Vernal lushness was a month away, but the boxwood and the sculpted evergreens proved amply fragrant.
All this is amply and richly reflected in his first volume of memoirs.
He wished that his compeer might prosper in such simple wise as his own experience had proved to be amply possible.
The sci-fi shelves are amply stocked with books about machines ganging up to destroy humanity.
Yet here they are, leaving their comfortable, rewarding world in order to be amply dumped on far away.
There's a tower of research amply demonstrating that human groups respond to each other's emotional moods.
Well planned, carefully-thought and amply time-framed research environments will only count in the end.
While warnings have already been sounded, a new study made it amply clear that this potential has been overplayed.
But yes, even the ignorant have it, as is being amply demonstrated.
It has been amply illustrated and everything has been done to make it vivid and clear.
Many will exclaim that these several causes are amply sufficient to neutralise the power of natural selection.
In many other instances, on the other hand, their criticisms have been amply vindicated.
How amply he justified his choice it is not necessary to say.
For almost two years they have been amply supplied with factual evidence.
The history of invidious discrimination amply shows that it cannot be abolished by other forms of invidious discrimination.
Patten père's charming affability and instinct for friendship are amply described, but he always remains a mystery.
On one hand: there was an openness in criticism and a pluralism of opinion that was amply reported.
The above-average rooms are amply furnished and decorated with local artwork.
The confluence of these favorable elements bring locals out in droves and they are amply rewarded.
So the superstars were even more amply rewarded and it allowed he people down the line to be rewarded.
The years since have amply vindicated his confidence.
Uncertainty and shyness have been replaced by an astute instinct for survival, amply on display during the past two weeks.
It demands a lot of its readers, and amply repays the investment.
As the crisis amply demonstrated, when trust erodes, the system freezes up.
In this excellent book, as in his many others, the prose amply lives up to that aim.
But perseverance with the tougher sections is amply rewarded.
The new president has amply demonstrated his talent for political inclusiveness, imagination and energy.
The scale of social and political upheaval over the past weeks has amply vindicated this view.
No matter: by then its political merits had been amply demonstrated.
And the communist experiment amply demonstrated that that approach simply doesn't work.
The financial crisis has amply demonstrated that maintaining low inflation does not guarantee economic stability.
The fact that there is excess is amply demonstrated by the fact that the ocean exists.
The arrival of the city's top chef amply confirms that status.
Yet the hazards of faulty maintenance have been amply demonstrated in several catastrophic crashes.
Take on more responsibility without compensation, and you'll be amply rewarded later.
If you take a chance that a friend will come through for you, you will be amply rewarded.
The efforts to perpetuate the major species of wildlife animals once imperiled have been amply rewarded.
The picnic area is amply covered by large cottonwoods for a shady respite.
The efforts to perpetuate the major species of wildlife once imperiled have been amply rewarded.
The trial court's findings of fact are amply supported by the evidence and conclusions of law drawn therefrom are not erroneous.

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