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These sweet, juicy shrimp taste of fragrant mint and lime, their aromas amplified by rum.
The smack is amplified by the posture of the falling fish, which typically flops sideways so that its flank hits the water.
Here the current is amplified as it rushes over the lip of the wall.
Awesome, awesome interactions that are amplified by the ultimate consequences that come with being alone in a faraway wilderness.
The uneasiness is amplified by the fact that many of the council members are contemplating running for other political offices.
The resonators amplified the acoustic instrument and gave players an edge they couldn't get out of the common acoustic guitar.
Conversely it has also amplified many ongoing behavioral issues as well.
It worked by blasting amplified sound into a damaged ear.
Enjoy these historic photos of a time when recorded and amplified audio were a novelty, rather than a necessity of everyday life.
We feel the multiple effects of electronically-amplified capitalism.
Echoes of the explosions were amplified because the incident occurred between two high-rise dormitories.
Since committees are looking for a colleague, any hint of sourness on your part is amplified in their minds.
Your faults and weaknesses as a human being are amplified in a poker game, and your strengths are multiplied as well.
Though an amplified voice indicates the machine's importance in the history of science, it rarely draws a crowd.
Some jurisdictions have banned ice cream truck vendors from using amplified music, restricting them to using hand bells.
The work's background of vibrant, red color becomes even brighter when amplified by the deep, dark center of the piece.
Both then and now, the debates' impact was amplified by changing technology.
Standard hearing aids capture sound via a microphone and then send an amplified version to an earpiece.
Organisms are selected by the environment and successful selections are amplified by reproduction.
Malicious bacteria growth is often amplified by synthetic surfaces found in many contemporary play environments.
Throughout the journey the spikes are amplified, degraded and integrated by a variety of processes.
The effect of commercializing a large percentage of the existing population may be amplified in future years.
These positive results of self-expression are amplified when the product is shared with others.
Secondly, these factors are amplified based on how rich the game is in content or it's complexity.
He initially found her beautiful but now the magnetism of her prolonged eye contact has amplified her attractiveness.
Inflationary pressures have also been amplified by large capital inflows that have increased the money supply.
The planet's warming may be global, but climate-change models predict it will be amplified in the north.
Their sensitivity to the crunchiness of their food was amplified.
And all this has been amplified into public outrage by the foolish decision to pay out bumper bonuses again.
Our species is set apart by a progressive history of forging tools that have primarily amplified our muscle power.
But it has been amplified by the increasing pace of business life.
Now they are turning to risks from within the system, and how they can become amplified in combination.
The effect may be amplified, or reduced, by many factors.
And yet the emotionally charged, electronically amplified tone of today's mosque sermons still has only limited influence.
In organizations of a significant size, this is also amplified by internal politics and the need to build and protect territories.
The danger is amplified when the government tries to do too much.
Anything can happen, and any flub will be amplified beyond recognition.
What people want is not so much the ability to comment, but a venue where their speech is amplified, he explains.
Issues of trust are amplified ten-fold in the cloud computing scenario.
In this type of detector, light is received and amplified by electron behavior within the material used.
The distance between these surfaces determines which colors are amplified and which are canceled.
When this current returns to the box, it's amplified and used to turn a red light-emitting diode on and off.
It will be amplified in some regions and reduced in intensity in others.
As a result, the frequency change gets amplified enough to be picked up easily.
Perceptions of sight, sound, and touch are amplified for autistic people and animals.
Meanwhile, any slight rotation in the original cloud is enormously amplified as it contracts.
Photomultiplier tubes detect the light and convert it into an electric signal, which is amplified and sent to a computer.
With more receptors at the synapse, signals are boosted and amplified and the memory persists.
In pre-modern societies this likely explains how inequality across lineages becomes amplified.
But then you realize you're really looking at yourself, in amplified form.
They can be stunningly beautiful, and for me that beauty is amplified by understanding.
These get amplified by the constant gale of air, and rotation on a larger scale can get started and sustained.
They could have unconsciously amplified the effect of their primes.
Curvature's effects are the strongest in a highly amplified, meridional flow pattern with large troughs and ridges.
Every win, and especially every loss, seems amplified.
We expect today's actions to be amplified by others.
The once all-powerful national megaphone of the presidency competes with many amplified voices in a diverse, atomized culture.
They should be evaluated and amplified from records and further interviews with participants still living.
The electronic noise of rock, neither understood nor anticipated, amplified their feelings of disorientation.
Because any kind of amplified sound is forbidden, bullhorns included, the meetings are conducted in an ingenious way.
He likes amplified, pop-style voices better than pure-toned, vibrato-heavy ones.
The blessed couples move their lips in unison, matching the echo of his amplified voice.
And he was always reaching out for someone, which amplified his presence many fold.
The intimacy of her farewell is amplified by the intimacy of radio drama.
The buzz about her has been amplified by her gender, race and upbringing.
In the coming week, your ability to attract others and enjoy pleasurable experiences is amplified.
Even the music, the sound of a swarm of angry insects electronically amplified several thousand times, fits the image.
Now imagine those storms potentially amplified by the unpredictable effect of global warming.

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