amplification in a sentence

Example sentences for amplification

Either way, go for a variety of characteristics-the symphony effect-instead of amplification of one favorite note.
There is one sentence in this article that requires some amplification.
Perhaps conference tweeting should be more about glossing, amplification, and critique.
For one of its features is the frequent slide of prose into poetic amplification.
The amplification was more than justified, and in a surprisingly large number of ways.
But without amplification, the signals weakened over distance.
Researchers' next goal is to lengthen the duration of the sonic amplification.
Speech discrimination is a big factor for me and amplification doesn't solve the problem.
The authors of this paper talk about an amplification procedure that could compensate for this weakness.
With all the other stuff fitting, he says, the amplification should follow automatically.
Purebred dogs have more medical problems due to the amplification of deleterious recessive alleles.
It appeared to use light amplification tech instead.
Perhaps they will, if their works are performed often enough with real enthusiasm with or without amplification.
Plus, without amplification, public language had to be more careful and explicit.
It is a point well taken, but it deserves some amplification.
They bear hints of their own impending amplification, qualification, contradiction.
They do not need fluorescent labels and will probably not require amplification, either.
He becomes embroiled in a dispute about the insomnia-inducing amplification of sermons from the local prayer house.
So in all the models clouds amplify warming, and in some the amplification is large.
But an interesting question is why the amplification has to be done electronically.
But single molecule sequencing gets rid of the amplification step, greatly simplifying the process.
Rather, the company sells its amplification technology to clinical genetics laboratories, which then create the tests.
Selective chiral or parity symmetry breaking is required, then chiral amplification or transmission.
The upside is that because it doesn't rely on light amplification, it works in total darkness.
And the radio's receiver automatically locks into a midrange frequency for better amplification.
When a human being without amplification makes a sound that is high and loud, it is almost unworldly.
But understanding the amplification could help us improve our own acoustic technology.
Some singers with smaller voices, too, fared well in pre-amplification days if they sang properly and projected lyrics carefully.
Attempts to support the singers with amplification have done little more than give the hollowness a ragged edge.
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