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The risk of rising inflation-the standard penalty for lax monetary policy-is slight given ample spare capacity in rich economies.
Breaking stock offerings were sufficient to ample for normal to over-time processing schedules.
Bears given ample food reproduce normally.
This fungal disease thrives in high-humidity areas with ample summer rain.
Large shade structures and manchineel trees provide ample shade.
The following two recipes, using pumpkin straight from the farm, are ample reward.
Workspace isn't ample, but the stainless dual-burner stove and sink are recessed .
First, there was an ample supply of water from the lake and nearby alpine streams to the north.
Let's give scientists ample funding to solve potential complications and let the science lead the way.
Public workers still have ample protections and benefits, she says.
She had ample opportunity to leave on her own.
The forests provide ample habitat for endangered red pandas and takins, along with Asiatic black bears and snow leopards.
The report claimed there would be ample positions opening up near the end of the decade.
Of course, there remain ample grounds for skepticism.
Specifically, there is ample scope for developing so-called green-economy initiatives in wind and solar power.
But there is ample evidence indicating that the oceans are bearing the brunt of these changes.
Most refute the texts and offer ample evidence of their fraudulent nature.
Most floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents ample time to prepare or evacuate.
The entire dive experience takes two to four hours, leaving ample time to watch the sunset and enjoy a seafood dinner.
Buttermilk, with its ample greens and innovative ski school, is perfect for beginners.
During this period, there is ample evidence of physical and mental exuberance, but little of poetic activity.
Enterprises of the highest importance to our moral and material well-being unite us and offer ample employment of our best powers.
It is better not to make the trip at all than to fail to take an ample supply of quinine pills.
The factory was still at less than capacity, with ample room for a new product line.
Back home, one such grouch had ample reason to be grouchy.
Hidden buttons and pockets provide ample, subtle storage options.
Touchscreen keyboard offers ample space, even for fat-fingered types.
His wispy brown hair frames preternaturally blue eyes and a soft, open face with an ample nose and heavy jaw.
The ability to bring light to an utter standstill could find ample use in quantum computers.
Another set of variations typical of populations adapted to cold climates indicates he had a compact body and ample body fat.
They would open the policy process to the public to ensure ample and vigorous discussion.
To start an addictive cycle, dopamine must be felt, and for that the brain must have ample dopamine receptors.
There is ample neuroscientific evidence that clearly supports this approach to learning.
There is ample evidence that the climate models are wrong.
Fecal matter from fowl is commonly used for swine feed to cut costs, giving ample opportunities for virus transmission.
Apparently there is still ample room for error-five errors, in particular.
Held had refused to meet him, although there was ample opportunity to do so.
To bring a financial crisis under control requires firm leadership and ample financial resources.
The past twelve months provide ample proof of the limitations of such practices.
The ample productive capacity left idle by the crisis meant firms could expand without making big investments.
So if exports collapse, governments also have ample scope to boost domestic demand.
Yet there is ample evidence that he is part of the problem.
Therefore, there is ample scope for a tax on the component of the bonuses that is distributed right away.
They have also maintained adequate capital ratios and ample deposit funding.
There is ample spare capacity and thus little chance that inflation will take off.
The government has ample room to increase taxes, particularly on consumption, but lacks the political will to do so.
But ample showrooms and well-trained staff are costly.
The grant, paid out quarterly over five years, will therefore add to an already ample kitty.
He has been given ample opportunity and has not produced.
Its research funding is ample for any project with a potential military application and meagre for everything else.
There is also ample global liquidity to fuel further gains.
And even simple reforms require each country to enact new laws, so there is ample scope for political interference.
Despite daunting seasonal and regional variations, it should have ample water for agricultural, industrial and household use.
Please allow ample time for ad copy and payment issues to be processed prior to this deadline.
Part of the stress of air travel is getting to the airport with ample time for the long queues at.
But there is ample evidence that industry-sector focused training can close the skills gap and provide worker mobility.
The deck is topped with a pergola, and includes ample space for relaxation and al fresco dining.
As a singer he makes ample use of a bluesy rasp, flexing it to fit whatever dynamic the music demands.
And as always, he added ample personality of his own.
For customers on four wheels, the low-key neighborhood has ample street parking, so you don't have to feed pesky meters.
The neighborhood has an ample supply of vintage apartment buildings.
The kitchen offers views of the dining room and has a pantry and ample counter and cabinet space.
The company had ample capacity on its network, and wanted to lure customers with the peace of mind offered by unlimited plans.
The company had ample capacity and wanted to lure customers with the peace of mind offered by unlimited plans.
The hotel contains a pool, laundry facilities and ample limousine parking.
Each room includes patios or terraces, ample tiles and marble and hidden minibars packed with champagne.
Ample money is set aside to fund pensions, and it is invested prudently but not timidly.
To be sure, there is ample evidence that being poor causes unhappiness.
But the blocks and other movable materials provide ample opportunity to exercise the mind as well.
Ample parking is available for even the largest recreational vehicles.

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