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Example sentences for amphitheater

The crowd shuffled across the cement floor and into a stark amphitheater lined with metal bleachers.
The site also features an indoor gallery and an amphitheater for special performances.
Whether that will be possible in the heat of the amphitheater kitchen remains to be seen.
The wall colors encircling the garden's amphitheater also were inspired by the site.
She is one of the more popular attractions within the expanse of the famous amphitheater she resides in.
Live performances are also held in the city's outdoor amphitheater.
The elements are erasing the ring along the sides of the gulch, but the one inside the amphitheater will take centuries to fade.
The amphitheater setting of the bay makes the display absolutely amazing.
Other graffiti list gladiators' records in the amphitheater.
Organic-produce markets and mini film festivals are all part of the program for this colossal amphitheater.
But after a hot hike around the castle and amphitheater ruins, you won't care how many people join you for a swim.
Hill-tribe vendors in costume sell their wares until everyone is seated at the nearby amphitheater.
The amphitheater is envisioned as the focal point and centerpiece of the park using native stone supported by a large, grand lawn.
City concerts at the amphitheater are held rain or shine.
The stone terraced amphitheater is a great place for weddings, small concerts and other special outdoor events.
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