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Example sentences for amphibious

Mosses are the amphibious descendants of aquatic algae.
But, alone among the sea snakes, they are amphibious and able to spend up to ten days at a time on land.
In winter, it can glide over snow and ice while pulled by amphibious tractors.
Keen's water-ready version of their bestselling amphibious sandal.
They are so fond of water as to be almost amphibious.
He would pick up punters in an amphibious vehicle, show them the sights and give them a pleasant cruise.
The two countries practised blockades, capturing airfields and amphibious landings.
Amphibious ships are multi-capable, agile, and responsive to the dynamic nature of the security era.

Famous quotes containing the word amphibious

We are amphibious creatures, weaponed for two elements, having two sets of faculties, the particular and th... more
swirling crustacean- tailed equine amphibious creatures that garnish the axle-tree! What a fine thing! What... more
If rightly made, a boat would be a sort of amphibious animal, a creature of two elements, related by one ha... more
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