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Example sentences for amorous

The object of your affection should be loving and amorous this evening.
Fall is also moose rutting season and sightings of amorous groups are common.
We've long accepted that hormones can make you amorous, aggressive, or erratic.
Music does a pretty good job of expressing affection, amorous intention, and other feelings that can be screwed up by mere words.
The amorous couple was hauled before a magistrate, where they were given a 50-day suspended sentence and a stern warning.
Here three amorous turkey gobblers, oblivious of the camera, put on a feather-spreading dance for the eye of a lone hen.
It's amazing that the stumbling amorous efforts of a few old men do not keep her from marrying one of them.
It was not the first time that the Prince had felt his brother's royal wrath over his amorous enterprises.
His amorous pursuits made his reputation for the next 200 years, and the name ''Casanova'' became synonymous with a male neurosis.
Much of that magic relies on seriously amorous eye contact between the lovers.
The album also has some amorous songs, but they're outnumbered by breakups that let her fully unleash her wrath.
Maybe you decided to keep that amorous rooster or maybe you have a raging chicken-rescuing complex.
But trying to compose an amorous email may cause night sweats.
To me, the one on the top with the larger pupils looks more amorous.
And he offered emotional succor long after the amorous flame had waned--not to mention demanding the same support for himself.
All of the couple's amorous behavior was caught on closed-circuit camera.
Also, read the turgid in-room diaries of past occupants' amorous adventures.
To impress her friend, she starts a rumor about a phony amorous encounter with a fake boyfriend.
Your amorous signals could mislead you and cause a serious backlash.
All these collections were sequences of amorous sonnets.
He followed the lady to her castle and ate voraciously of her supper, but was quite impenetrable to all her amorous advances.
What balks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy.
What baulks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy.
Roger goes overboard when he is presented with several amorous opportunities.
Because the alewives are breeding, amorous males closely follow the lure.
The appellant's amorous conversations were not characterized by much in the way of follow-through.
Many employees had to delete dozens or hundreds of amorous e-mail messages.

Famous quotes containing the word amorous

But 'twas from mine, he took desire, Enough to undo the amorous world.... more
The moment of desire! the moment of desire! The virgin That pines for man shall awaken her womb to enormous joys In the ... more
... dusky folk, so clamorous! So colorfully incorrect, So amorous, So flatly brave!... more
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