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In the past few decades, however, group selection has made a quiet comeback among evolutionary theorists.
But resigning in protest has gained popularity of late among an unlikely group: big corporations.
The three finalists were chosen from among 32 team nominees for the award.
Just like every other industry, going green has become a mantra among airlines, car rental companies and even hotel chains.
Buds open to small, perfectly formed roses among deep green foliage.
These excuses are prevalent among online students.
Coral reefs, among other ecosystems, are suffering mightily at the hands of humans.
Studying leadership among animals has become an active research area.
It is particularly popular among young adults.
There is a lack of scientific knowledge about dreams among psychologists.
The reader may choose among these theories.
Setting other plants among established shrubs.
The results are surprisingly pleasing, given the potential for conflict among so many kinds of plants.
But in this they disagree, that among some he is counted one, and among some another.
We took pity on them, granted their request, and they sat down among us.
Its terminals and collaterals end either directly or indirectly among the motor cells of the anterior column.
Not only this, but the opportunity here afforded will awaken among us a new era of industrial progress.
Among the finalists, there are certainly cars that some people would be reluctant to park in their driveway.
Others seem to take offense at claims to expertise among us bloggers or among responders using terms of art.
Among the goals is to draw in more community-college administrators and faculty members.
When you beat that into normal order, you see that an occurrence of something is among the manifestations of something else.
Crows make tools, play tricks on each other, and caw among kin in a dialect all their own.
Hut-to-hut travel is quickly becoming a favorite among the peculiar species known as mountain bikers.
Boys play among roosters and the debris of boxing-gloves, tape, and rubber tires.
Then there were only fireflies casting their phosphor light among the tangles.
Wading among them is a grizzly bear gold as poplar leaves.
The majority of the fatalities were among people who worked in transportation, warehousing and utilities.
Firstly, the vicious fights among males to see who goes first and then the gang bang.
Yawning is more contagious among people who are emotionally close.
It is clear that there is a lot of blind faith and innumeracy among the responders to this blog.
And no gender difference can be found among top performers either.
But that's hardly the whole story behind the millions of tiny differences among people.
And he thinks he has won in the grim contest waged among biologists over which is the rarest butterfly in the world.
But as the trees disappeared and people began to starve, warfare broke out among the tribes.
Among the hypotheses is that their navigation system is perturbed.
Even so, he believes the differences represent cultural variants among the clans.
You're sitting in camps among all these people who are in close quarters.
Induced labor and c-sections are all the rage among patients and doctors alike.
It occurs, so far as is known, only in human beings and perhaps their closest relatives among the higher apes.
Squeezing the oligarchs, though, is seldom the strategy of choice among emerging-market governments.
So too with obesity, which causes diseases such as diabetes: it is increasing fastest among those at the bottom of the heap.
They are traditionally selected from among boys considered to be reincarnations of deceased office-holders.
In the case of an earthquake, for instance, the agents bid among themselves to allocate ambulances.
Among the new media, wikis are the perfect complement to blogs.
But, laureates notwithstanding, it does not reflect a consensus among the dismal scientists.
The mood among moderates on both sides is as glum as ever.
Recognition of the importance of sustainability is strongest among retailers, processors, and government officials.
Somewhere among the genetic disparities must lie the mutation or, more probably, mutations that define us.
If not, the last-place finisher is dropped and its voters' second choices are distributed among the movies still in the running.
We chose twelve winners from among more than six hundred entries.
Casual conversations among colleagues can prove surprisingly fruitful.
Among the best studied models in this area are birds such as zebra finches.
The bacteria can then convert those sugars into a variety of chemicals--diesel fuel among them.
When combined with software, these screens could allow large-scale collaboration among many people.
Later in the day and through the night, there was little change among all volunteer groups.
The benefits of capitalism spread more widely among the population.
The platform automatically parcels out those tasks among the cores.
Among his many projects is the mathematical modeling of hand gestures.
The ugly insertions are among the devices used to indicate where the quoted material departs from the source.
He spends a substantial amount of his time and money roaming around at night among planets and stars and galaxies.
There were many reasons, but prominent among them was the virulent racism of the owner.
Among them are people with specific expertise in either electronic warfare or electronic interference.
There's a sense among elites that at any moment instability might cause all the wealth to disappear, he explained.
Ministers, former police chiefs, and mayors from among the president's clans are the pirates' godfathers and investors.
Among the measures enacted: wage cuts, government-employee layoffs, and slashed defense spending.
Dumping on the president is a popular pastime among the circles of the well-off.
We cut to downstairs, where the majority of this episode dwells, thanks to two successive scandals among the servants.
Among birds and mammals, polygamy usually does involve males reigning over large harems of females.
As they work, the whales talk volubly among themselves, seemingly exchanging information.
They have no obvious eyes among their purple spines, but they can still respond to light.
All that was needed to choose among them was a chunk or two of the object in question.
But until now, the idea of such a division of labour among flatworms would have been laughable.
One can imagine it would have been a dangerous quality among our ancestors as well.
Sparrows are cheeping all around as they flit among the red and gold leaves of trees in full autumn display.
These connections were weaker among both the drug users and their relatives, compared to the healthy unrelated volunteers.
Among living animals, only lungfish are closer kin to tetrapods.
But among some babies, particularly the premature, the lungs fail to expand properly.
Among children with bacteremia, a source for the bacteremia should be sought.

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