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Example sentences for amnesty

Now the government is working on an amnesty bill aimed at pardoning those jailed for political offences over the past few years.
The recording industry plans to announce an amnesty for people who admit to music file sharing and promise to stop.
The men, sentenced and convicted, were later released as part of a general amnesty.
The vote followed an outpouring of criticism from conservatives and others who decried it as a form of amnesty for lawbreakers.
For those who had applied for amnesty, today was a big step forward.
The telecom amnesty is really a small, teeny, tiny issue compared to everything else the country has to face right now.
Digital tools have eliminated that amnesty.
But the development authority is not eager to prosecute, so it announced an amnesty program yesterday.
Besides, under international law no amnesty is possible for war crimes .
On its own, an international tax amnesty won't resolve the credit crisis or repair the economy.
Her lawyers said nearly two weeks ago that she had filed a formal amnesty request, a prerequisite for any order to release her.
Only the foster bee-eater parents get an amnesty from the snapping bill-hooks.
He was sentenced to eight years of suspended jail time and later granted amnesty.
Some artifacts have trickled back to the museum, intercepted by authorities or returned by citizens under an amnesty agreement.
Nor could they be subject to amnesty, it ruled last month.
But many of these rebels recently reconciled themselves to the southern leadership in return for money and promises of amnesty.
In both cases the complainants said amnesty laws blocked any possibility of local trials.
The rebels have threatened to resume fighting unless there is a full amnesty for their captured fellows.
It should not be conditional on some sort of amnesty quid pro quo.
He is said to be seeking an amnesty, and to favour purely political methods.
Last month an amnesty for participants in the conflict was declared.
There would be an amnesty for insurgents who had committed no serious offences but not for those who had killed.
He made a powerful case for reform, but was careful to distance himself from the idea of simple amnesty.
The strikers received an amnesty and the state agreed to allow the shareholders to run the co-op.
He agreed to an amnesty for the pirates, in exchange for their support and a supply of arms and ammunition.
Another beguiled a fugitive with a phony certificate of presidential amnesty.
His counterproposal is financial aid to those displaced by machinery and amnesty for the rioters.
No word in the immigration debate is more controversial than amnesty.
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